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Hi, it's a pleasure to meet you all here at WA community.
My name is Nadiya, a proud mom, grandmother, wife.
I spend most of my life around children (at work and home) and love it. Some people don't like the noise, sometimes chaos, but for me- it's a joy to see them happy and active.
I love to spend time with family, enjoy gardening and hiking.
We have a nice cat, Dusty. We adopted him from a shelter. It usually takes time for cats to get used to a new family, but he felt right at home.

I joined WA and didn't do much here for awhile and that was a big mistake.
WA has tools that we all can use and build a good future.
For someone new that stops her and thinking what should they do, my suggestion would be:"JUST DO IT". Nothing in life gets done by itself and success doesn't come overnight. Even a complete beginner can learn here and move forward. Some things may be easy to learn and some- not. Just keep going and do not quit.
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ricardo1 Premium
Nadiya, WA is a place of helping people to succeed in there life. I applaud you for upgrading to Premium. Now your new life begins, welcome to WA. Congratulations!
Ericabried Premium
Hello Nadiya,
Thanks for following me and I am following you too now. Wishing you all the best for the year to come.
dickw Premium
Hi Nadiya and thanks for the follow. Hope you are doing well. Best wishes to you.
BradNY Premium
Thanks for the follow! See you around the virtual hallways. -- Brad
gooddogpoky2 Premium
Nadiya: Thank you so much for your follow. I appreciate it very much and welcome to my network of fabulous WAers. My network is about two things.

First, I encourage every follower to regularly post a blog with WORTHY content to other WAers. Obviously, if you blog once a day your ranking will quickly move up in WA. However, please understand that I only blog approximately once every two weeks and in the back of my mind I am only blogging to my followers in an attempt to provide the best example (of my writing skills) to you that I can. Why! Your website will only be successful if you post quality pieces to it.

Second, I try to help my followers every time they run into a snag with their websites to the best of my ability. If that is not good enough, I will refer you to other HELPERS at WA that will definitely be able to help you. So an open invitation: If you run into a problem here at WA, please let me try to assist you.

Please remember that Kyle, Carson, me and you are not WA. WA is the thousands of students learning the concepts of e-commerce and the hundreds of WAers that learn to blog regularly for the delight of the community as they attempt to hone their various writing skills. Welcome! DAN
pronad Premium
Thanks,Dan. I appreciate it.
gooddogpoky2 Premium
No problem Nadiya. DAN