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Time of live class today?

Time of live class today?

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Need time for live class today? Please give me the time for US-EST

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You can update your Time Zone within the Account Settings page so the times here always show in your current time.


You will see the time zone settings within the main settings at the top there, my recommendation would be to adjust yours there.

8pm EST

Thanks Gary, For the last one I got an email about it and how to sign in, etc. I failed to get one for this one. What do I need to do to again receive an em reminder?

You probably turned off the notifications in your account. Go to your account settings and scroll to the bottom. Then edit your email settings.

This is the site to convert timezones https://www.timeanddate.com/ but it should indeed show your timezone on the site I think if you configured it within your settings.

Thanks Steven!

You will have to covert the time to your time zone


When you look here it will show you at what time it starts (should display your local time, as for me it says 1 am).


Thanks Moritz! The EXACT info I need...

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