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Last Update: November 05, 2020

I'm EXTREMELY Uncomfortable

Over the years - too many to mention, I have always stuck to niches that I am very familiar with and yet I haven't been a raging success. Sure the odd sale here and there and some months are good.

For months I have been asking myself why this is - ever since Amazon decided to cut my pay!

My Search for A Big Ticket Item

I figured if I am going to make a few sales they may as well be high paying ones and so I went in search of something worthwhile.

A couple of folks here have helped me with ideas and suggested particular products but none really sat comfortably with me - my gut told me they weren't for me.

But then by chance I came across a product in real life that a friend of mine spent +/-NZ$50,000.00 on. Now that is a lot of coin to drop on a hobby.

Of course it got me thinking ...

I Know Precisely Zero About The Niche!

Yet I didn't have this bad feeling in my gut. I think because I had seen physical evidence of the FACT that this niche is lucrative - even if only the odd sale is made.

And there is very little competition for some, as yet, unknown reason. Maybe I will come to earth as I progress and learn why it is such an open market.

Right now I am taking this lack of competition as a positive in my favour.

So I got started and ...

This is What I Discovered

Because I knew (and still know) absolutely nothing about the niche my research has been much more thorough.

The more research I do the better I feel about grabbing a piece of this niche. Just a small chunk of it will do - thank you very much.

I've also discovered that I am paying much more attention to the structure of my new site.

I have decided to use SiteRubix for the first time ever to test (more sensible caution?) and may adjust the domain name slightly if needs be.

The structure that I am working on has given me a warm and fuzzy feeling as it seems to automatically be producing post topics as I go along. And that has to be good.

Going Forward ...

In the past I have simply started writing because I have had a thorough knowledge of what the niche was. But in so doing I may have forgotten what it is like to be at the start of something - for example the thrill and challenge of golf.

I think it is important to remember the emotions one goes through in each phase of any hobby/passion etc. and to write with that in mind.

I may have been missing that and therefore made assumptions that could potentially have lost readers!

Because I know zilch about this new niche and, not particularly interested in it (yes confession), my plans going forward are to use writers for the content (another first for me) and to do a joint venture with my friend on an eBook/PDF to market through Clickbank (longer term plan).

Posts and blogs will be scheduled from when I have about 20 lined up - again this is something I have never done before and should be an interesting exercise.

Give it a Go!

A similar situation may be what others are going through - IE not able to find a lucrative niche that you are familiar and comfortable with, one that you are already an expert in but haven't succeeded in breaking open.

If so why not try something completely out of left field?

With what is available here at WA in terms of tools and SiteRubix to test ideas you have nothing to lose.

Even if your idea turns out to be a non-starter the experience and lessons you learn in the process could prove priceless in your next project.

I'm excited that for the first time ever I am taking things very slowly and feeling really confident about it.

What have you got to lose by analyzing yourself - discovering warts in your approach could be a good thing.

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Calvinator63 Premium
Hi Lawrence,

Sounds as if you have found yourself a little gold mine. Moreover, there are plenty of evergreen niches out there that have small amounts of competition and large commissions to be had.

I agree with Naron it is best to swoop up a private domain, as soon as possible, to utilize the affiliate network programs something hard to achieve with subdomains.

The alleged here is:

Plentiful small commissions or an occasional large commission.

You have provided some great points and
a thought-out strategy.

Food for thought - no doubt,

Linda103 Premium
Sounds like a good plan Lawrence, I wish you luck with it and great success..
Must admit that I hadn't thought about the point you made about writing for beginners. It's a good tip, thank you.
Bald Eagle Premium Plus
Thank you Linda.
That little realization came about when I was sent a menu (curry - I love curry) and it was assumed that I knew the basic steps.
The reason being the person sending the menu was an accomplished cook and assumed I knew what size potato to use, or how much water to add etc. "Add water" - yeah like how much?
And that is another project I have earmarked for the future.

I think I should write a book -
"Take Advantage of Your Stupidity"

What says you?
:) :) :)
Linda103 Premium
Could be a best seller Lawrence.
jghwebbrand Premium
Like it. The title in itself is captivation.
I often think about what a golden opportunity people are missing by not even trying.

It is also refreshing to comprehend the fact that those who feel intimated twhen they start can take it slow.

Wish you much success and referrals.
Bald Eagle Premium Plus
Thank you.
Where do I get me some of the intimated stuff? ;)
jghwebbrand Premium
People feel inadequate when learning new things. They have no confidence. Staring at the computer and the training can be more than some people feel they can handle.
Bald Eagle Premium Plus
LMH1968 Premium Plus
Sounds like a great way forward
Bald Eagle Premium Plus
Let's hope it is "forward" :)
LMH1968 Premium Plus
Fingers crossed my friend
keishalina Premium
that's funny ... two identical replies simultaneously? ... how do we edit here? ....
Bald Eagle Premium Plus
Same happened to me earlier.
Hopefully it will be sorted out
keishalina Premium
... funny again ... the identical reply is gone! ...

must be the effects of the huge roll-out ... more wee quirks and quarks ... lol ....

keep well, cheerio ... :)
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
It happened to me at first, Keisha, but since then, nothing!