Last Update: Jun 30, 2017


I got an email last night from Amazon stating that my affiliate account would be cancelled in 30 days because I have made a sale yet :(

I know you can reapply to Amazon's affiliate program but I'm really not sure what I'm doing wrong with not getting any sales. I create content that doesn't focus on sales, but focusing more on gaining an audience. I know I need to stay the course. My blog is focused on baking so I know that's a hard niche to get sales on.

If anyone has any advice I would love some help <3

Have a great weekend everyone

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I am surprised that any affiliate program especially Amazon would cancel you after only 30 days of no sales.

Would you kindly send me your site so I can see more clearly if in any way I might be able to help.

I know you said you need to stay on course and that may very well be the answer for your converting audience. Perhaps you may consider continuing with your passion and only for the beginning..... only mention products or services that are right on course....with BAKING....

Hello! My site is bakingwithbailey.com. I have mostly focused on afflicting with baking related programs. I think it just takes a lot of time. I have been on amazon since March so I believe it has been 60 days. My boyfriend bought something off of my site to keep my amazon affiliate account open so I am very thankful!

My advice is to look for affiliate programs within your niche that are not Amazon until you make sales. I have applied and be accepted two times in the last year and my membership has been canceled once and about to be again for a lack of sales. I have taken down all affiliate links in my posts and will not put any back up until I have traffic once I do then I will put up links again.
Example if you're a baking niche and you want to promote say a particular range, see if there is an affiliate program for that range and model. Or baking pans, Wayfair has an affiliate program maybe use them until you get enough traffic, eBay has a partner network and has much of what Amazon has to offer.

My understanding is you have to make a sale in 180 days from inception Bailey!

Hey Bailey

I think it just takes time to make sales. I think you have to get your site out on every media you can think of. I have been with affiliates for a month so far and have had no sales yet.


I had a similar experience (several times). I know I had just started putting content on my website....didn't have a lot, but a little. Kind of like just being born...a baby website. I was expecting to "grow up" quickly like so many kids want to do. (Who's been there?) I decided to forgo Amazon for now until I actually get followers (AND CONTENT) to make a difference in making sales. I'm following Jeff Goins content and he mentioned that you don't need to have a boatload of followers. Don't remember right off how many, but it's less than what we would think. I would say if you have loyal tribe of at least 12 (I call that my dirty dozen), then that 12 will share your content with 12 people they know, etc., etc. Before long, you will be making steady sales, but it takes time. I know we don't want to hear THAT part, but deep down we know it's true. I know I wanted that because I wanted to quit my day job ASAP!!! I wanted my website to "grow up" quickly and make at least $3,000 to $6,000/month. my first month so I could stay at home and work. Now I'm aiming to enjoy where I am while I ENJOY THE PROCESS of growing and maturing. Before long, and it may take a few months, I am expecting to see some good changes in me, my writing, and my bank account. (But I don't want to make sales my only motive. I want to get back to where writing is my passion.....something that Jeff Goins has mentioned a time or two. There is too many people pleasers around. It's time to write what your passionate about. Then you will build a substantial following that will attract new people, and ultimately, new sales.

Yeah, I've skipped amazon too for now until I have more traffic

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. It really helps to keep going. I love the growing content part but the amazon email did set me back. My site is a baking blog so i do understand that getting a lot of traffic (lots of competition!) and getting sales is difficult. Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive! This community is keeping me going!!

I know it can get discouraging! But maybe try at working on getting more traffic to your website in the meantime, and the sales, and the rest will follow! :)

I am not very happy with Amazon as they promise one thing but never come through!!!
hard niche maybe but you are doing what you love and it will work but takes time.
All you can do is keep blogging using three four and five word key words as that really makes a difference


Thank you for your words of encouragement. This support is what is keeping me going. I am just going to follow my passion which is baking and not worry so much about sales. Thank you again!

I am sorry to hear that you feel discouraged but I understand the feeling. How are you doing with traffic to your site? Are you receiving traffic and it's just not converting? What about the items you are trying to sell? Are they items that can be easily picked up while doing grocery shopping? Perhaps answering these questions may lead to strategies that would result in sales. Send me a link to your site, I will look at it with outside eyes and see if I see anything.

Thank you for your comment! The traffic to my site is a little slow so thats what I feel most discouraged on. I am working on posting more to Facebook and pinterest so hoping that will help as well.

Hi Bailey,

Don't give up! 30 Days is not tomorrow. I haven't been producing any revenue yet either, and I'm not worried about it. I'll get there and so will you.

I got the Ad Inserter plugin and activated it. I also created Native Shopping Ads that has all the other "related" product suggestions to go with whatever I'm promoting. I opened the Ad Inserter and added in the code that Native Shopping Ads gives you and then SAVE all of it.

I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me if you need more information.

Have a great day!


For now just learn write and I'm thinking things will start kicking in. I still have my day job. But am thinking long term it'll all work. But for now make the tweaks needed this is a learn as you go process. Amazon is a large Corp and that's the kind of feedback you can expect. Make your site uniquely yours and really good. You may be surprised. Don't let auto messages get you down. :).

Thank you Sylvia! I have the Ad Inserted plug in as well and I used the Native Shopping Ads as well and am hoping that will bring some more traffic in. Thank you so much for your kindness and encouragement!

I enjoy helping whenever I can. I hope it helps you to achieve your goals!

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