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Hey guys! I was working on getting an email subscription set up for my blog and am using MailChimp. I was able to get it working on my site but when the double opt-in verification is complete the subscriber sees my physical home address! Yikes! Anyone have any idea on how I can remove that? I emailed Mailchimp about this but wanted to see if anyone else had this issue. Thanks guys! Happy Monday!
June 30, 2017
I got an email last night from Amazon stating that my affiliate account would be cancelled in 30 days because I have made a sale yet :(I know you can reapply to Amazon's affiliate program but I'm really not sure what I'm doing wrong with not getting any sales. I create content that doesn't focus on sales, but focusing more on gaining an audience. I know I need to stay the course. My blog is focused on baking so I know that's a hard niche to get sales on.If anyone has any advice I would love som
Anyone having issues with Wordpress not working this morning? I keep getting Database Error?
Hi all!Just wanted to get everyone's opinion on the plugin they use for sharing pinterest, facebook, tweeter, google + buttons. Some of the ones I have seen people are using here are:Tweet, Like, Google +1 and ShareSimply SociableAddToAny Share ButtonsAddThisAnyone have recommendations on which one they like to use most? Thanks!!
I want to set an image for each of my blog posts. My site is focused on baking and I want to set a feature image for each post showing an image of what the post will be about. i know how to set a feature image, but it comes out HUGE. I have tried to resize the image, but it still comes out super large. I know that themes come into play with this, but I do like my theme and want to keep it if possible. What I would like is to have a set image with the title of my post that my viewers can click o
May 19, 2017
Hello all :) Just wanted to say how thankful I am for another day and an awesome opportunity with Wealthy Affiliate. I got into a three car pile accident with me in the middle today. Yicks! Thankfully I am okay and my car is actually okay. I didn't know this but if your car has a trailer hitch, if you get slammed by another vehicle in the back, it'll save you and your car! My bummer is completely busted, but my trunk opens and I only have scraps. Just an interesting tid bit of information for y
May 01, 2017
Man is it good to be back! For the last few weeks, I had to put my website and WA on the back burner of my daily activities. I've been studying for my oncology certification in nursing exam for the last year and finally took the test on Saturday. Happy to report that I passed the test! Woohooo! Now I get to focus back on my website and getting through the rest of my courses on WA. And I couldn't be more excited!!It's crazy how easily this community and website building and blogging can become s
As a part of finishing up Course 2, it's time for another blog post! I've been active on WA for 3 weeks now and wow I am just amazed. I'm not a big social media person so facebook and twitter have never been my thing just because of the cliquey-ness and showing off stuff that I'm not so into. But seriously the WA community is just SO awesome. I never really thought that I would be so active as a social media person but I'm kind of obsessed with it here! I suppose Kyle and Carson did warn us abo
March 09, 2017
Wow! I just got indexed on Google! How exciting! Thank you for all of you who are so great about answering my questions! This community is the most special and awesome community I could ever be a part of! Thank you Kyle and Carson!!!
March 03, 2017
Just upgraded to Premium! Super excited and can't wait to really get rolling with my successful baking website. I look forward to making more websites on different topics (powerlifting, oncology, cancer care). Thank you for all of your help! I hope one day I can be as helpful to you all as you have been to me!