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Last Update: March 04, 2016

I feel like things are finally coming together for my WA experience, one thing that I finally saw that was lacking was the fact I had not written a blog yet. I was like "oops"!!

This community is amazing!!

It has been easy to dive right in and participate in this community and I am grateful, most of all because while I have written articles and blogs in the past it was never to such a warm and helpful community, it almost makes it effortless, not used to that lol

My ranking in the community has seriously exploded, going from like 300,000 plus to 2619 as of this blog in about a week. I am now on course 3 lesson 1 of the online entrepreneur certification, I have 1,393 followers and am following 17,038 people at the moment.

I have two domains that I own with one website on each:



I had become a premium member after a few days because I recognize a good thing when I see it!!

Thank you for everything guys and gals,


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Levinsay Premium
I enjoy all in here u can also watch past videos if u have missed then on the live tutorials...this is so nice
speedicut Premium
Glad things are moving well for you. There is so much to learn in each lesson I've watched all of the first 2 courses twice!
Keep it up!
fawlty Premium
Good onya mate !!
JonStevens Premium
Congratulations on your great progress!
CarolEll Premium
Wow! What a go-getter! Congrats! Your progress is stellar, Don! Carol
azmod Premium
Thank you Carol;-)