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Hello again everyone in the community, it has been a long time since I was able to blog to you all, unfortunately I had a record year for my brother Murphy of Murphy's Law. So it was all I could do to try and maintain responses to emails. However I finally am getting ahead of all the bad and getting on the path back up. To all of you here I wish the best, and let's climb the road to success shall we!!
From closing on a house to moving, and all the fun stuff in between;-)A new challenge in my life has been over the last two weeks and 1 more to come squeezing a good bit of time in to blog and keep up with the community;-) But so far not doing too bad I think lolI really enjoy learning and interacting with the all of you in this community. Doesn't feel like work as much as moving is;-)One of the advantages of being in the military some time in your life is it usually means that you become exp
The most challenging thing in LIFE it seems!!I used to hear that all the time from my dad growing up and I used to look at him like all kids look at their parents from time to time. I have realized that as you get older and experience more of life not only do you gain wisdom but also patience! So here comes the next lesson I learned!!Nothing worthwhile comes easy! In fact it seems that the more you want something the longer and more difficult it is to attain! That is where Wealthy Affiliate
March 04, 2016
I feel like things are finally coming together for my WA experience, one thing that I finally saw that was lacking was the fact I had not written a blog yet. I was like "oops"!!This community is amazing!!It has been easy to dive right in and participate in this community and I am grateful, most of all because while I have written articles and blogs in the past it was never to such a warm and helpful community, it almost makes it effortless, not used to that lolMy ranking in the community has s