(wtf) where's the feedback?! SOLVED (Glitch in my website?)

Last Update: Aug 11, 2018

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This is my innocent, almost ready to launch site and this is the message I just recieved from the platform it reads:

"this website has been flagged by the community as being inapporpiate for sitefeedback. you may NOT request feedback for this website."

Honestly this site is just days away from being launched and i just needed to get as much feedback as possible, and now this happens?

Maybe my feedback I gave wasn't "up to par" although i doubt that because many people thanked me for the advice and said it really helped them so... .this is odd!!

Could there be a way I requested too much feedback? I must admit it was alot, over like 10 reviews i would request per night for the last month; or longer.

I really hope this gets fixed asap, but we'll see maybe it's just a sign that i shouldn't worry about the feedback anymore?

Signs. Anyway this is awesome I hope everyone has a blessed day with plenty of FEEDBACK on their sites, that is helpful huh?


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Apparently a glitch within my website? The content was fine and no violations of the terms & conditions.

SOLVED! Thank you all for the support!!

Perhaps you could fill us in on how it was solved. It may happen to us one day.

Good call! I really don't think this will happen to anyone else but me in another thousand years, all the dozens of people I messaged were just as appalled as all of us here.

When in doubt, Kyle & Carson will bail you out!

Your site looks great, got some slow responses from a couple of pages but the design is tops.

Have you considered that the nature of your site is not really affiliate marketing, which is what everyone here is working on (I assume).

The other issue could be that you do not support fellow members with loans, given your comments about not funding new business, and internet marketing style of businesses.

I am not rubbishing your business, after all it is your business, and it will be a very lucrative one in time.

It seems to me to just not fit the mould of affiliate marketing.

Good luck, you will make it, you have a good and sound idea for a business.

This is unbelievable, I'm the business of referrals too!
I'm very shocked if any of what you said is the case. I've reviewed tons of sites on here that were no where near affiliate marketing. and maybe I should rewrite the article because It clearly states We Can, have and DO fund sole-proprietors like internet/affiliate marketers, so anyone in WA who has been making money for 6 months absolutely could get a loan if approved.

Actually to be quite honest this was the first place I was going to look to see if anyone needed these services.

Maybe the weirdest thing is that I haven't received any email from them explaining what is really going on. Did I mention I was launching any day now haha

Still very shocked this is even happening hahah I guess just laugh knowing it is all happening for a reason!
Namaste. ,

Thanks for your feedback it helps as I'm just days away from launching!

I'm not sure what is going on. Maybe it's the subject of the website?
I would send Kyle and Carson both a PM.

Best of success!

That'd be weird it's just a finance website? actually not much different than wealthy affiliate itself, I have reached out to both owner and no response yet, is there a quicker way ? I know it's the weekend but this is just silly.

OKAY NOW I'M LOSING IT! hahah what is the point of paying for premium if you don't even get to use the features?! Okay yeah okay the feedback, sure strip that away, but the COMMENTS?! LORD not the comments!

Kyle, Carson, what's going on why am I being opposed? I will go look to see what else isn't working :)

It's a bit hard to see why this would happen if you don't leave a link for us to take a look!

I'm sorry, a link to what? What is there to link to? I just messaged over a dozen people and none of them know about this or have ever seen it before.
Thanks in advance

The link to whatever article you wanted feedback on. If we could read it we might have some ideas on why this the community (if that is the case) decided it wasn't appropriate.

Honestly I don't even have the luxury of knowing that information, I only know as much as I'm finding out in this moment, for instance, I had several pages up for feedback it could be any of the pages.

Also here is the link to the page,


I don't know what could be "inappropriate" I'm all for the people. and my site is not banned just the ability to receive feedback and comments. Don't you just love paying for services you can't use? haha

Thanks for your help ! Still no answer from the big boys.
Will hope for the best.

Silly question. You have asked the big boys. Have you asked the members. Maybe someone else has had this problem!

The page looks fine. And I can beat you with the weather. Once in Kimberley BC, the temperature lowered to about -60 Fahrenheit! Only 3 cars, all in a heated garage and plugged in, were working. It was New Year's eve and everyone had to walk to parties. There was more accidents that night than any other NYE! Slipping over that is.

Hello all problem is solved a glitch in my website they say...

I wish I could help but I have no clue. Sorry but i'm sure someone from here can help.

hahah this is crazy, only I would enter this nebulous space where no one has ever been or even knew existed. I think it's a sign to move on to launching the site! No more feedback needed start networking today!
I hope we don't find the answer to this! hahah just joking Thanks for your support I'll keep asking everyone.


I've asked Kyle but I don't know if he'll respond. this is a timely manor to just days before launch, but maybe it's just a sign?

Don't be negative just yet, I'm sure it's just a glitch in the system. Who is on your contact list besides Kyle? I meant the person who introduced you to the WA, he/she should have the answer.

I like your optimism, sadly, I don't have an upline, no one introduced meeeee haha This is so crazy I could contact Carson, but again these guys are busy, I really have never needed to reach out for help so I don't know where to go, the live chat was a joke haha.
Staying positive every single moment!

Not familiar with that Heath but is this the only place you are requesting for help on this issue?

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