6 Months at WA - Lessons Learned - Lesson 1

Last Update: March 26, 2017

My first 6 months at WA have gone by. A lot of thing have happened in this time and the last 2 months have been hell due to the tragic passing away of Davin, my 13 year old autistic son. All though I am currently not able to give yoga and meditation classes and ayurvedic treatments, not to even talk about producing art, I am pushing on my blogging adventure simply because it feels like the safe and normal things to do, escape from the harsh reality so to say.

I wanted to give people advice based on my experiences, but since I don't want to spend my whole day writing this post, I thought to give one advice per day. Hope you enjoy them and learn something.

My Success Story

It took my 2 months to get properly started, but I have had reasonable success with one of my websites, currenlty I have 2000 daily visitors and my Alexa ranking went upto 3.5M. However it is difficult to measure my success, because I have also brick-and-mortar business in the same niche; ayurveda, meditation and yoga. Flow of customers goes both ways!

However since I have barely done anything there due to my circumstances the last 2 months. I have still had a steady increase of customers, since a good friend of mine continued to advertise on social media on my behalf and some scheduling tools I was using for tweets. I have made 3K-3.5K EUR on commissions per month for ayurvedic products (including aromatherapy), yoga and online classes and retreats. Few sales here and there for the yoga apparel.

Lesson 1 - Write from the heart!

Write what you are passionate about, because it comes easily, not what you think will make most money!

However do not forget that there are thousands of bloggers doing the same, which ever niche you go for. More profitable, more competitive. And I mean heavy hitters, those authority sites that will have you buried away from rankings which ever keyword you go for, even if it's a low hanging fruit!

How to beat it? Find a unique angle, Kyle wasn't kidding when he said that in the training. More unique you content is, better your posts will do. Uniqueness can be anything! Students, single moms, expats or grandpas take on something, Location, if you blogging from Noth Pole or a cruise ship, I would say it makes a pretty good unique angle. Or make your book reviews so funny that people end up in tears from laughter.

What ever you choose, it will become your trademark, so choose carefully. Don't be afraid of going back and rewriting things if your chosen angle fails. Until you have a returning audience of thousands of people, you can keep on changing things until you hit the note you want to dance by!

It took me few months to find my tone, but I got it. It's loving, caring and compassionate. Things that are good about me are also good for my blog, which has a lot of returning visitors.

Just remember:

What ever will you write about, write from the heart!

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Calmkoala Premium
Hi Hanna, this is really interesting and helpful, shaping up for a good series! Many thanks, Sue :)
reanna1 Premium
Well done, Hanna! Thanks for sharing!
DSonic Premium
I'm so sorry for your loss Hanna.

Thank you for the inspiration , it is food for the soul and I can feel your pain as I lost someone very close to me this week by tragic circumstances..

I'm sending you strength and love and light x
ArtByHeart Premium
thank you, sorry for your loss too
DSonic Premium
Thank you

Be well
WilliamBH Premium
Thank you Hanna .. you are an inspiration! Cheers, William.
GrahamHod Premium
Thanks Hannah, always appreciated your support. :)