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Sorry for the absence the 4 last days, been in a bad place, my son's death is hitting me hard now that the spring is here. It was our favourite time together and we used to do long hikes in orchards and forests :-(I finally got myself together to write an article I wanted about natural pollen remedies, so that's at least something.I am doing a small project on social media about home remedies. If you have any great articles that you would like to get featured, please let me know! I will pick up
Although I would have hoped more people to join, I realise there is scepticism. After all, we all write content and hope Google one day realises how magical our content is and decides to give us a PR rating 10 or site authority 100 and make our pages appear on search page #1 giving us huge amounts of traffic!For those of us who want to take matters into our own hands and make it happen, this challenge is started. We are going to get our presence known on the social bookmarking sites that have h
Did you know that social bookmarks are remarkably good for your site PR? I did some experiments the last month and can happily announce it really worked in improving my rankings on both Google and Bing :-)I would love to help you too and in fact we can all help each other to get more social PR by using high PR social bookmarking sites and voting up each others posts.ChallengeWho is up for the challenge? Here is how it will work for the next 20 days:I will post one new social bookmarking site ev
Yesterday I promised to write a series of advice based on my moderate success during the fist 6 months at WA. My first advice was Write from the heart: I want to talk about building the website.Lesson 2 - Take Your Time With Your WebsiteLook I know it's fun, you want to get going, create your website as soon as possible, after all they promise you it can be done in 30 seconds...Sorry people, nobody created a successful website in 30 seco
My first 6 months at WA have gone by. A lot of thing have happened in this time and the last 2 months have been hell due to the tragic passing away of Davin, my 13 year old autistic son. All though I am currently not able to give yoga and meditation classes and ayurvedic treatments, not to even talk about producing art, I am pushing on my blogging adventure simply because it feels like the safe and normal things to do, escape from the harsh reality so to say. I wanted to give people advice base
March 09, 2017
Got an offer for 50EUR voucher to do some European advertising on the Bing. Since it didn't cost me anything, I took the bait. I am expected to get around 300 click in the month that the campaign is running for my related keywords.It's for the post I wrote to review ayurvedic anti-aging skin care regime package including skin care products, the kansa massage wand and 2 DVD set; one about ayurvedic approach to aging and other about the use of kansa wand.I have not really tried paid search engine
I have just created a training about an easy Facebook direct selling technique for affiliate products. I have used it successfully since December month to increase my sales with 25%I hope you can benefit from this training and be up and running with your own Facebook store soon!
Emotions such as like and dislike did not exist for Davin. Everything was about LOVE and hate. The depth of his feelings made it very difficult for him to understand and handle them.In my eyes, LOVE, the way Davin experienced it, was very special.He LOVED his family with all his being.His LOVING was a mixture of laughter and tears.Possessive and fierce, full of jealousy and obsession, but overflowing with selfless giving.We were told that Davin as lacking compassion, but it was not true. He was
Besides the smiles, hugs and sloppy kisses, you learned to say: I love you Mama It didn’t matter to me you learned it much later than kids normally do, the most important thing to me was the fact I knew you understood the meaning of those words.Like me you loved beauty and found it everywhere. You showered me with self made presents and you especially loved to bring me flowers you had picked yourself. I enjoyed their beauty and we were always smelling them together.
I was there to kiss away the pain when you hurt yourself, which was a lot, as you were wild and always lacked the understanding for the consequences of your actions. Many times you made my heart skip a beat, my breath get stuck to my throat as you scared me to death with one of you stunts including:Falling from the table Getting hit in the head by a ski cabinBeing kicked by the horseBeing butted by a cowFalling out of the treeBeing tugged away by currents and wavesBeing pulled away by the ski l