Considering a change in domain branding - what do you think?

Last Update: May 14, 2015


Currently the website I use promote WA is

Work At Home Rebel

While I am indeed rebellious, I feel that the 'work at home' part isn't what I really want to promote due to my own desire to travel. What do y'all think about

Working From Anywhere Rocks

? It has a more exciting, positive vibe to me.

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Arp: no doubt the second one :)
Holds a lot more potential.

Second one sounds rocking!

Well ... if you're single and have a plan (and the budget) to travel any time, any where that sounds pretty cool.

On the other hand ... if you are a single Mom (or Dad) who wants to work from home to have quality time with the kids ... or you're tired of the 2 - 3 hour daily commute, can't stand your boss or your job or all of the above, working from home might be exactly what you dream about.

Is there a way to sort out the demographics of your traffic to date?

Can we run more than 1 WA Affiliate site? If we can, why not do both?

You can check the demographics in Google Analytics, this is good training. You can have as many WA affiliate sites as you want, up to the maximum, 25 .com 25 :)

It's more fun shooting for the stars - and a bit more inspirational to share pix of life on a beach vs being able to do laundry at my leisure :)

We can certainly run multiple sites but I'm already finding myself spread thin. I'd rather do 1 site really well than two that are so-so.

I agree but the choice is there!

That's true - working from anywhere can mean working from home too :)

Thanks everybody!

I like to travel also. So rock on.

Fantastic idea, I love the second domain, who don't want to work from anywhere? lol. ;)

I think it is a great idea! :)

I prefer the new one. Like you say it sounds more exciting and has more energy

Thanks, much appreciated :)

Yes, work where your laptop is:)

Thanks Loes!

I love it!

Thanks! The latter seems to be speak more to the laptop lifestyle vibe. Granted I am rebellious but I've also had issues with ads on Fb with my current name because they are very strict with anything involving the words 'work' and 'home' (and rightfully so - there are scammers aplenty out there).

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