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June 22, 2015
It's been awhile since I posted about how my organic traffic is going - the last time being in February (see There hasn't been much to say as the traffic has stayed at that level since then, averaging around 150/hits a day.This morning I got a surprise - a new peak of 352 organic visitors:This is interesting as it's been roughly one year since I launched the site. Each time a peak has indicated a new level of traffic - this time it's probab
Currently the website I use promote WA isWork At Home RebelWhile I am indeed rebellious, I feel that the 'work at home' part isn't what I really want to promote due to my own desire to travel. What do y'all think aboutWorking From Anywhere Rocks? It has a more exciting, positive vibe to me.
Today is the day my membership site launches: www.drawlike.meI believe in membership sites as the ideal online business. This is my 2nd, after a previous attempt in 2010 (that had way too small of a market). I'll be sharing what I learn from this project as it goes :)
Last fall I wrote a review of Flexjobs and recently there's been an uptick in comments on the post. I haven't been obsessively checking my stats like I used to and finally took a look today. It's become the #1 driver of traffic to my site, with 20-30 visits a day (out of ~200). I did a quick search on Google and now I see why: #3 on Google - not too shabby! In this case what's really driving it is not the keywords I was targeting (real work from home jobs - you can see that in the title &a
This my surprise just now - after hitting 100 organic visitors for the first time on January 29, today I was surprised by 143! Not bad for posting every 2 weeks at most. My takeaway is that creating content consistently helps - I was sporadic in fall and have published 3 long posts and 1 short post in the past 6 weeks. I also noticed that in the last month my bounce rate has doubled and pages per session have declined from 1.34. Again - all due to the keyword research I learned here with Jaaxy
There it is folks - yesterday was the first day I had 100 organic visitors. The climb has been pretty steady though I have not posted that much - which I take as proof that deep, quality content may be a better option than blogging daily. Also, it seems that getting comments has helped quite a bit, along with smart keyword research & usage in posts. I have to credit the training here, along with Jaaxy, for these results :)
Check it out at and consider subscribing as Paul & Catherine are wonderful people who are building something cool :)
Here's the original post, with a number of complaints calling out Skillshare for their BS: I just checked their terms again to see if anything had changed - and they did. Two weeks after my blog post. I summarized the changes at the very top of the blog. Apparently truthful snark works :)
I was interviewed today for an entrepreneurial podcast - Entrepreneurs in Training. I had a blast chatting with them about my journey, current projects and my future goals and expectations. They've got nearly 30 podcasts up and will be sharing about their business journey as well - please go check them out!
www.DrawLike.Me - an art tutorial website. I'm leveraging membership sites and affiliate marketing to come up with something better than Skillshare, Udemy, etc. Artists create tutorials, members pay monthly to access all tuts. Members sign up through an artist, artist makes 70% commissions. Should be a win/win for all involved :) As you can tell from my latest post on the site, I'm looking for artists. I have two signed up and the first tuts should be up next week, and I'm in talks with a few m