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I realize that I have become that quiet mouse peeking out of the corner. I still have a lot going on both with my business and with my personal life.

I am making progress on all fronts, though!

Ideally, I could work 8 to 10 hours a day on my website and, in doing so, be able to be very active on the WA platform as well. I have other commitments in my life, though, so I cannot do that.

Bo Tipton calls these commitments and challenges "speed bumps." I like that analogy. I wanted you all to know that, though I have encountered many speed bump, that I am moving forward. I may have had to slow down to go over them as not to bust an axle, but I am going over them and I am making progress!

My website, as many know, is about treating migraine headaches. Migraines are not just an interest for me, however. I live with chronic migraines.

Since I started my website, in search of treatments that I can share with my visitors, I have found many methods that really work. In doing so, my own migraines are much more under control.

I have also learned to look at the migraines I have not so much as a hindrance, though they are, but as opportunities to evaluate treatment methods for my readers. The change in attitude alone has really decreased my perception of the suffering.

I have enjoyed BO's GoGetter's training and have been working under his guidance to drive traffic to my site. I'm also still continuing with the Certification training as well.

A couple of months ago, when researching an idea for an article, I found the idea for an eBook. It is about the history of the treatments for migraine from caveman days to the present. I am also working on that as well.

Perhaps one day I will be able to go back to be as active in the platform here as I was in my first several months. I would like to be. I had to make a decision, though: be social here or build my business.

I'm not saying that being social does not build your business, because it certainly does. But it was not driving traffic to my site and I really need that if I am going to make any money.

Life is messy. You cannot always be where you want to be or do exactly what you want to do. One reason I wanted to work from home was because of my migraines, my CVID, and my other medical issues.

Not knowing how I would be functioning on any given day has kept me away from more traditional jobs. Being able to work when I felt well enough to do so and to be able to still help others in a healthcare-type arena is what lured me to affiliate marketing in the first place.

I don't mean to sound like I am making excuses here. I'm not. I'm just stating my whys for you all in hopes that you will see that as long as you are making progress, you are getting closer to your goals.

I realize there are people here who also deal with illness and disability and I want them to know to never give up! You can still do this! You may have to change how you look at your disability, as I have mine. You should certainly give yourself a break when you have bad days.

You have accomplished something for the day or the week, which includes dealing with your illness, then you are making progress. Hold onto that!

You should also know that you should work on all areas of your life at once. This is true for any of you, whether your challenge is a physical illness or disability, or just one of those many speed bumps that life throws at you.

Work on you health, your relationships, your sense of self, your familial obligations AND your business all at once because if you do not, any success you gain will not last. Some other area will get to a crisis point and you will have to set aside the one area that you have been working on and then it will lose traction and progress will start rolling backwards towards that starting line.

And for Pete's sake, celebrate your successes! No matter how small it may be, take a moment to be proud of the progress you have made. It will do wonders for your mood and your outlook. The better your mood, the smaller those speed bumps will seem and the easier you will go over them.

Speaking of successes, I made my first sale last week! I was over the moon. It was quite small, but it marks forward motion and lets me know that I am on the right track.

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Beautiful and inspiring post Anita! Your attitude is contagious, thank you for sharing!

You're quite welcome, Brenda!

We all have to work at it with what time we have. As long as we're moving forward, that's the best we can do!
Great post and very motivating!


Thank you, Christine!

Happy to hear from you again! Congrats for the sale!!


Great to see you back!! Always keep moving forward, yes I would agree with that!! You gave us some awesome points. Celebrate even small achievements!!

Tried and True


Thank you, Elaine!

"And for Pete's sake..." I hear you and with the scales of set back after setback, having to prioritize the weights of various aspects in my own personal life I truly empathize with the moments we must pause to ponder over keeping the flow moving at our individualized pace. Thank you for sharing the underlying message, which is not to be so hard on yourself for pausing to the setbacks in life celebrate the path which you are building. And the distance you have achieved on this foward moving journey...Time and Life stands still for no one ; )

We must all consider the unique quailies of our own rest for the wicked, but here is where the benefits of WA are indeed the fresh air...there is no pressure, no deadline, no expiration date. You build your site, your success, and contribute the content to the social club here at your own pace...

Surely, the membership fee is the business aspect here, the rest is all simply about commissions and contributing for additional sharing, insight, and connection. It is purely option on how active or passive one chooses to invest in the WA network.

Personal and business obligations are indeed priorities for sure. SoHakunna Matta, there remains no need to apologize for real-time here on WA. For the love of bubbles we all here empathize with the changing winds that carry us in various directions.

Those are things that make WA really great! I feel this is a place for anyone wanting to make changes in their lives.

Congratulations Anita to your first sale!
What a great feeling!

Thanks for sharing your progress and success with us.

We won't let those speed bumps stop us.
Let's continue the journey to success!

Thank you, Pernilla!

Awesome advice and encouragement and so true. Love your comment: "I'm not saying that being social does not build your business, because it certainly does. But it was not driving traffic to my site and I really need that if I am going to make any money."

I'll be curious to read your ebook when its finished.
Are you going to use it as a "email signup reward" or a digital download for sell?

I might use it for both, actually. I'll be sure to let everyone know when I finally get it together. It's not going to be a really short one! There is so much to history and to explain the history of migraine treatments, sometimes it is better to explain where medicine itself was at that point.


Thank you!

Great to see you back in this forum Anita. I enjoy corresponding with you on FB.

Thanks, Mike! School gets out on Friday. This is the time of year we are likely to wander at last minute. Still hoping we can get together at some point.

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