Let's start earning money by doing Affiliate Marketing. Create Passive Income easily.

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Everyone wants to make money online.

Because the cost is only electricity and one computer.

And the critical thing is They say it's a comfortable job and good pay. We have a starting point from the same idea here. The more I researched the information more deeply. Collect data from the experience that has been trained. And trial and error and find information, and read comments and articles. The more I discovered that there are many different ways to earn money. One of them that is quite popular and earning sustainable money is doing Affiliate Marketing. I must admit That I have never known WA Affiliate Marketing, even what it was in the first place. It was a coincidence that brought us in as a member, and was exciting. But we also know a little about computers and are not good at creating websites. We have been trained and practiced following every step and starting to understand and see the opportunity. If you ask if it can make money online or not, I would say that it is true if you know and understand the operating system and do it right. and if you know and have been a member of the company Considered to be one of the Affiliate Marketing and has a network that is accepted all over the world. It was even more confirmation. That you can make money online

Looking back, it wasn't easy to come across and know which company or platform we could trust. Because many are talking or thinking about online marketing, we understand that it's just renting a forum online, building a website, and then finding products to sell. Still, we have heard of earning money from website clicks and commissions. And have you ever thought you wanted to do something? And most of the people who don't know or don't understand tend to believe that it can be done and earn real money or not, lose money, or get scammed. Of course, it can be possible if you don't know. The source is the model of an excellent company.

If anyone has read our message, you are fortunate because we can assure you that what we will explain is below. Are actual Companies and prototypes with a global network can help you make money online, of course, and the only one is

Wealthy Affiliate Powers Affiliate Marketers Worldwide. (WA Affiliate Program) We don't just lead the affiliate industry; we innovate and propel the industry. There is a reason over 50,000 independent authority bloggers rank Wealthy Affiliate as the "go-to" platform for Internet entrepreneurs.

If you want more details about Wealthy Affiliate, you can click read this link. You can make money online. And I recommend you apply for membership. Or you can click here to CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT to start your online business and make real money.

To know the WA Affiliate Program before doing business.

First, let's start understanding how to earn money with affiliate marketing.

Some people will understand that We act as a broker to sell products for brands, banks, and shops by creating content in various forms. Then take the link to apply for Affiliate and put it when the customer is interested in the product and click to buy through the link we have placed. We will get paid commissions as they have specified. Many people can make a substantial income by earning money in this way a lot. And there are big e-commerce platforms. That opens a channel for ordinary people to participate in helping sell products. This may be an understanding that some people are unfamiliar with Wealthy Affiliate. Get to know Wealthy Affiliate Powers Affiliate Marketers Worldwide(WA); WA is open to anyone who wants to do business online. Not limited to America; only Anyone can apply. Follow the link previously mentioned. It's a one-time subscription, and you'll get something you didn't expect. And it may surprise you.

At Wealthy Affiliate. People are your business. Without people, you have nobody to sell or advertise to. Within the first few lessons at Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn all about the most current traffic techniques and how you can get an ABUNDANCE of relevant customers, too—your website. Wealthy Affiliate members OWN Google rankings and own a huge share of ALL traffic online. That is a fact.

How to make money?

1. Pay per sale

PPS-Pay when the product is sold. It is a standard structure. The seller pays the affiliate a percentage of the product's price after the consumer purchases the product.

2. Pay per lead

Will be paid When someone signs up or registers via a Publisher link, it invites consumers to visit the seller's website and take whatever action they want, whether by filling out a contact form. Sign up for a product trial. Subscribe to the newsletter or download software or files

3. Pay per click

Payouts are made to people who advertise per click. Regardless of that click, It can be sold or not sold. Just a click and get money instantly.

How to start earning affiliate marketing

1. Choose our Niche that will focus on the product or service in which category.

Who will be our Value Audience group? The more specific, the better. And try to choose according to our preferences too. To have the motivation to continue working for a long time, for example, we have a passion for beauty, and beautiful, we do content on how to make clear Korean style. Along with attaching affiliate links or attaching banners of brands that sell Korean-style cosmetics.

If we are a technology line focusing on advanced gadgets, we may choose smartphones to make content. Make a comparison table of the closest specs to determine the best value. Along with attaching a link hidden behind a call to action message, such as interested, can come to buy here, etc. This method is equal to doing content once. You can put 3-4 brand links, saving time too.

2. Find network programs related to our Niche

Do a little more research to see what category we're about to enter. Does he have a company or brand that provides affiliate marketing services or not because it will help us have more products to promote? and can also be extended to other nearby products

3. Build an affiliate platform

Such as fan pages, YouTube, and websites for people who are not very good at making websites. You can start using a free social platform like FB Page, which produces results. For anyone who has advanced a bit, it is recommended to use WordPress to make a website.

4. Create the best content with complete details, pros, and cons.

To be the best information for decision-making for customers, Try to include the idea that we value the reader. What benefits will customers get from the content we do? Or do we think we are curious about these things? That brand and nowhere ever tell us But we can also write to answer customers. The percentage of people clicking on links to buy products is also higher.

5. Build a customer base and fan base who like our content.

When posting or sharing content, always try to answer customer questions and comments always try to answer customer questions and comments. To make him bond with us, we recommend Trying to get content to promote on the Webboard, a Facebook group with our customers.

Tips you should know :

- find good keywords And can be easily ranked, such as keywords that people search no more than 3000-10,000 per month on Google. For keywords, people are looking for, for example, "Let's start earning money by doing Affiliate Marketing. Create Passive Income easily."

- Choose products that are promoted offline too. Because customers may go to see the product outside and search for more information online. And can decide to buy products with us

- Try to create content people are interested in. write to be readable. If it's good, it must be fresh content. Didn't copy anyone. If the content we have made, including illustrations, infographics, comparison tables, and video reviews, it's called having everything; it will make people stay on our website longer. According to statistics, if the customer waits more than 1.30 minutes, it will increase the number of purchases.

- The way your website ranks well may not be about the amount of content. But I am having a lot of images instead can help as well. Make sure to include Alt Text on the photos too. It's essential.

- Conversion Rate 70% or read and click on the link Buying products that generate sales Most of the time, it happens on desktop screens than on mobile. The recommended method is to create mobile traffic. Put cookies on the website and then have people go shopping on their desktop

Advantages of Earning with Affiliate Marketing:

  • You don't have to worry about stocking, packing, and delivering yourself.
  • Low cost, only use a computer and the Internet. Sometimes just using a mobile phone can work.
  • Mainly focusing on content creation, Then looking for traffic. Find an audience of people who want to buy the products you advertise. Then put the link for people to buy
  • It only takes time to do it once; it can produce results indefinitely if we find a keyword, products, and market fit.

Weakness :

  • It takes a long time to get money
  • Lots of trial and error. until you find the right one
  • Must know about SEO to find good keywords. which takes time to practice
  • Initially, there may be no money at all. Until causing discouragement and eventually quitting

A must for Affiliate Marketing, the platform's credibility is required, and Wealthy Affiliate is highly recommended.

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4-Steps to Success Class
One Profit Ready Website
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Millionaire Mentorship
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