Hello All! Thank you for the well wishes, wonderful Wealthy Affiliate Pals!

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Well I have been really absent from this space! And I am missing all of you!

First I was busy working on my business, And doing 15+ hour days. Yeah, no comments on that please.

And then to my absolute surprise, (?!) I found myself collapsed on the floor and being whisked to the Emergency Room. And after way too many days at the hospital of being prodded, wired, tested, and feeling somehwat bionic, LOL. I am finally back home.

A very kind and compassionate doctor said to me as he discharged me. Ariel, we are just going to take this one day at a time.

It has been an eye opening experience. Knowing that was not a relapse but rather the Universe tellling me there is something to hear and listen too.

And well I don't know about you, but I tend to be a bit stubborn. I think I can just plow through physical things.

I think I have the power to will myself past the physical. But the Universe said, well Ariel, you have a choice here. And you can either ignore it, or rectify it, which do you choose?

Really? Do I have too??? See still stubborn!

And then it all came together for me.. on different levels. Have you heard the term "pronoia? It means that the Universe is conspiring to shower us with blessings." Rob Brezsny.

Don't you just love that?

So there we go! No matter what happens, its all in my best interest. Because, well me and the Universe, we are now besties! We look out for each other. So I am not on this journey alone.

And when I accept that everything that happens, is to help me live in my highest good, welp that is powerful and fills my soul.. There is not an ounce of stubborness or fight needed any longer, is there?

And that takes me back to our being business owners. Its a choice. Its'a choice to see that the Universe is offering us amazing opportunity here at Wealthy Affiliate.. And with every step we take, we have that choice. Yes or no? Yes to success, no to frustration. No to ever giving up, right?

So while I am in recuperation modality, I have this new awareness that my success is not a singular thing. It is the Universe conspiring and showering me with blessings.

Now why would I turn those blessings down?

Is it a transition right now? Yes for sure.

Will it continue to be a struggle? Nope. Only if I make that choice to see it as something hard.

But I will take the cues from my beloved river. I will flow on in one direction only. Forward.

Join me in ths flow?

I am on limited screen time, so forgive me if I am not posting very often. But know you are always close in my heart. Thank you again for wondering where I was.

I am still here. Living in a huge flowing river of gratitude.

How are you doing?

In peace and gratitude,

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Such a lovely post. I'm happy you're on the mend and salute you for your wonderful outlook on life.

Something similar happened to me a couple of years ago when I was pretty much ignoring what my body was trying to tell me and I learned a huge lesson - listen to your body! Good old Universe stepped in and I have a new appreciation for her.

Take care of yourself and we'll see you around!

So happy you’re back home!! If you need to be stubborn, be stubborn about doing what’s best for your health haha. Slow down a little and find other things you enjoy doing. I know how all encompassing our businesses are from my own experience, but if we get sick, what good is that business anyway, right?
Praying you’ll be back to full health!

Suzie.. i so like that.. stubborn about our own health. .in a good way.. wow. novel idea.. LOL. I will write that down and make sure i look at it while i am working to remind me to get up and take breaks and naps! Thank you so much!

Oh dear, Ariel! So sorry to hear about what happened. We are sending you a big hug and all the positive energy we can muster.
Please take the time to take care of YOU. We use yoga as one of the ways to help us keep a balance in this crazy world. Even if you just sit in a peaceful spot and breathe deeply, this will help to calm your system. So many people here care. With our warmest wishes, Colette and Philip

You are so right,, my go to has always been meditation.. and i just need to add more sessions in my day.. great idea.. thanks! I am awed by the caring.. its such an amazing community.. thanks you Colette and Philip. I am indeed blessed.

Aaaw, Ariel. I feel for you my friend. So sorry to hear you've hard a relapse and I hope your recovery is swift and complete.
Definitely the Universe nudging you to slow down, my friend. Please take it a little easier.
I know that somehow, in the midst of all of this you managed to publish another book on Kindle. WoW!

Hello dear friend.. ok so overdrive is an understatement.. but then look at you..LOL.. yup.. slower it is.. hugs to you and thanks

Hi Ariel,

I know I am like you in some ways, wanting to keep going and going (like the Timex watch ...lol) ... but we need to take care of our precious bodies that our Creator has given to us! : )

I am SO glad that you are okay and back! As you feel up to working again, take some breaks in between to do some things to nourish the body (and mind) in order to continue with your business and other daily tasks. For me, it's using aromatherapy and supplements like blue/green algae which I've been taking for more than 20 years! I'm sure you know what to do. : )

We're thinking of you and wishing you many blessings ahead! Just take care of YOU -- because there is only ONE of YOU!

God bless you, my friend!


Good to know Cathy! thank you.. its always moment to moment..and this moment i have to step into balance.. oops how do you spell that?? lol.. I am grateful for all the wonderful blessings indeed.

You will be fine, my friend! : )


Hello Ariel

I was thinking of writing a similar post, I put in my profile that I was going back to work, I was only going to do a couple of days a week.

I worked 2 days the first week, Monday of last week was the first day for the second week, the next time I should have worked was Thursday but on Wednesday I felt dizzy and nearly fell over.

When I went to see the doctor he called for an ambulance he thought I was having a stroke, here I am on Sunday still waiting for a scan.

While I have been here in the hospital I have come to the conclusion that I was not supposed to go back to that job, I was ill when I did it before and became ill doing it again.

After I had spoken to the people at the company and they agreed to take me back I was filled with dread on the drive home, this could have been the universe telling me it was a mistake.

And having to spend some of the best days we have had weather wise in hospital is a wake up call.

Wishing you well and all the good fortune the universe has to offer.

Bill, we are the same age as you and keep ourselves fit like you do, so it is even more of a surprise when something like this happens! As I just mentioned to Ariel, we do yoga to help us balance out the other exercise and this has helped us enormously.
We sincerely hope you feel better soon and take the time to rest a bit. Sending you positive energy, Colette and Philip

So there we go. we were given the info but did not listen. and then wham.. it hits us.. so now.. well i have put on extra large hearing aids..LOL.
Do be well yourself please! so many thanks

I have been wondering where you were for the past few days. But then a number of people seem to MIA all of a sudden.

Glad to hear you are okay and feeling better. Enough of the 15 hour days get out and enjoy some fresh air and sun please.

Take care of yourself first nothing else matters and no one can do it for you.

Be well and happy.
Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

Hello Steven, yup no more 15 hours days indeed. I hope.. but something just keeps drivng me.. lol.. i think i need to ask that part to leave!LOL
hope you are well too? thank you so much friend!

talk with you soon

Wow, I did not know this Ariel, I'm happy you have made it through! Many blessings on your recuperation.

Yes difficult choices indeed, but I am so glad you are now listening to your body(not that you had a choice) and the Universe, which we are all partners with. As much as we want to plod on, our health and family come first.

Take all the time you need. WA is not going anywhere and we are here for you. This was indeed a wake up call that you will pull through with "flying colors", and I know you will rebound wiser, healthier, and even more successful.


I so hope you are right Kaju! if not welp.. i guess i did not listen well yes? Many many thanks!

I bet you are listening now. You will be better in the long run for it.
Continue to Get Well.


Good thoughts, Kaju!

Good afternoon Ariel,

Good to see you back again.
The Universe has its subtle and not so subtle ways to tell us we should listen. I hope the docs do not mess too much with you after all inside of all of us is everything we need to get well again.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

hello Taetske, so many thanks. You are so right everything is indeed inside. How are you? Any special travels this summer?
in peace and gratitude, ariel

We have some little, more local trips planned as the orange delivering season, 6 months every Friday, is over now. Hopefully by Sept. somebody from WA is coming kind of close by so we will go on a small week trip to say hi.

All the best, Taetske

Ahh sounds lovely Taetske! enjoy

Hey sorry you been unwell and I wish you well and try to take care of your self and relax a bit that's how life is for me as I get stressed if I do too much plus I been to hospital recently and diagnosed with diebetic neuropathy which is the nerves in my legs and feet and arms and hand and in and and hands I have to have an operation but got to think positive and that's how life is so be safe talk soon.

Kind regards

I wish you ease and comfort Nick. And the only option is positivity! Thanks so much .

Hey thankyou Ariel enjoy your evening speak soon.

Kind regards

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