Disillusions of Blogging Nobody Talks About

Last Update: October 14, 2017

First off I like to say I love blogging, I enjoyed when people leave comments saying the at they enjoyed reading the post. I love that fact that many say I'm very productive in creating good content for my website.

People tell they like all my writing material and wonder how I come up with so many ideas. This is all good news to me, but deep down inside, I wonder why they can't see the sweet and grind it takes to achieve it.

Why can't they see the struggles that come with blogging?

If you ever had that feeling of disillusion, or you are currently experiencing disillusion keep reading this post.

There are times when things get disillusions, there are times when things are hard and frustrating. I believe this is a subject that most bloggers don't take about. Even though things are going good, and your team is getting bigger, your getting more people to subscribe to your list.

On the flip side, there are times when you can getting nothing accomplished. You just can't get thing flowing.

I'm writing you to let you know that you're not alone.....

We like to mention all the positive things about blogging, but perhaps it a good thing to address some of the darker sides of what we go through on a daily basis. So no matter when you're currently going through in your business. Understand you're not alone...

I wanted to mention a few things bloggers don't like talking about.

Creating content is one of the hardest as a blogger. There are times when everything seems to flow smoothly. Then there are times when you sitting there staring at your computer wondering what content to write about next. You sit there trying to figure out how can I create something better than the last guy.

Wondering how can I get people to buy my products instead of going to my competition.

Disillusion of creating content that many people don't see or talk about. Where you struggle to get the writing flow going from day to day. Continually fighting off distractions to make your day more productive. It gets hard times to be truthful. There are days when everything going well and there are days when they don't.

Just remember creating good content takes time.

Procrastination this is another disillusion of blogging that blogger doesn't like to talk about. We tend to put off things until the next week or month. This only leads to not getting things done. Many professionals say this is a sign of fear and this could be why you can't finish anything you started.

Perfectionism is on disillusion that blogger doesn't talk about. We all want to perfect in anything we do when it's come to building our businesses. It always that feeling that you could have done better or done a little more. "I could have written a little more, added a video, add more images or gave it a little more detail description.

Although this should drive you to make your business better.

Trying your best to be perfect, can cause you not to publish anything at all. It can hinder the progress of achieving the task at hand. Because you thinking too much about how you can make it better.

Have that feeling of doing more is a good thing only if you release what you create to the world. Hit the publish button you can always come back and tweak it.

Although these are just a few mention, but there are other topic that need to be discuss.

What is disillusion of blogging that you like the mention?

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PoppaJoe Premium
Being perfect is only a perception! If I tried to be perfect every time, well then, I might as well quit right now. It is that slight margin of imperfection that keeps me coming back and trying harder. When that is achieved, set the bar a little bit higher so that you are always reaching forward.

We all get writers block, so, go take a long walk, be with friends, just do something else to take your mind off of writing. It will all come to you when your brain has sorted it out and then, the flow will begin again!
AnthonyMLM Premium
Hey thanks PoppaJoe for sharing your thoughts my friend
mikewood1975 Premium
Thank you
AnthonyMLM Premium
Thanks Mike
GApt Premium
Awesome advice, thank you, Sir!
AnthonyMLM Premium
Thank you my friend
DebbieRose Premium
I think you covered it. I experience all of those so it's nice to know I'm in good company!
AnthonyMLM Premium
Thanks Debbie
SondraM Premium
Very well said. I struggle with perfectionism and procrastination.
AnthonyMLM Premium
Thanks Sondra