My first commission from Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: Nov 1, 2015


I wanted to share some great news with you WA friends. Today I got my first commission from Wealthy Affiliate of 30.50$. It is a small amount but it is a start and i am so happy for it, it means that I am doing something right :)

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congrats and how long your waited for to see first earning

Thank you, I have waited 8 months for my first earning. :)

Awesome! That is just the beginning. More blessings to come! Keep moving on until you get to the top. Make your dream come true. Enjoy another fabulous week in you WA journey!

Grats :)

Way to go! This is just the start of something wonderful. :)

My congrats!

My thanks rufat :)

Well done! Onwards and upwards....

Congratulations as Kyle has just said, it can only get up,keep working more will come your way.

Congrats on your first WA commissions Ante and your first of MANY to come. The beautiful thing with recurring commissions is that they will only start to snowball as you move forward!

Thank you very much Kyle and thank you very much for being truthful to your word of being a help and support when I get stuck.

I wish there are more that kind of people in this industry :)

Congratulations on that:)

Thank you Loes :)

First off congrats. Keep doing what you're doing and they will keep getting bigger and bigger.

Thanks, Leo. I am convinced now that this is working but for now it is so slow.

It starts with baby steps, it will grow and grow. Remember this is a marathon not a sprint. You're building a long term thriving online business and this takes time.

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