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Hi at present i own my own driving school company, but only work a 4 day week as own a motorhome / RV. And love





How do I edit a blog post?

How do I edit a blog post?

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Authoring & Writing Content

It appears that in my first blog in training in level 2. I mentioned my website address & it appears that is not allowed. How do I edit the blog to remove the content.

Go to your Website WordPress Dashboard.
Hover over pages or posts and find the one you wish to remove the content.

You have 2 options Edit the content and remove it and save the empty post or page
if you do not want the page or post at all you can "trash" it. After that stop, click on trash then empty trash.

In a blog post here, you just click the down arrow to the right and click edit.

look to the left of your screen. Click your profile picture. Then it should take you to your profile page. Look to the right of your screen scroll down to your post. Click it. Then search for what ever post you are speaking of that has website adress. When that particular post is brought up. Look at your page at the top and you should see a small grey washer button or gear like button click that and it should show you a drop down box with the edit button there.

Perhaps this training will help Let me know how you get on

Hi Brian
Sorry if I wasn't clear ... as I said go to your post and click the gear icon top left where you'll find the edit button. You'll find your post at your Blog at the top of your profile.

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Looking at my website on the internet?

Looking at my website on the internet?

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Getting Started

Hi All.
I have completed level one, and just tried to look t my website on the web. There is nothing to be found. It is a free domain as only playing while learning, but I s

You are going great Brian and soon you will see it up on the web.
Start thinking about what you will write your first article about?

Check out your title for Keywords in Jaaxy and see what else has been written in Google for your title idea.


Hi Lily.
Thanks for replying, I have Java you keywords & my heading rates highly by luck. But do you mean the heading or the first line of what I am writing? I understand keywords after reading twice, but not sure where to place them.
Hope that’s not to confusing.

Sorry jaaxy auto corrected to Java.

That's ok Brian.
I was talking about your heading but you do need to also put your heading keywords in the first paragraph of your article.


Hey Brian, you can visit your website on the web at any time, but ranking for keywords related to your website or content will take some time. Be patient, rankings do not happen overnight. When you are ready, buy your own domain because that will really help with getting ranked in the Search Engines when users search by keyword. You've got your site up and running which is great, keep going!


Sites can take good two weeks to get indexed by Google, you'd receive an email notification when that happens.

No you have not.

Hi Abie.
Thanks for your reply, will keep an eye out on email.

So very welcome.

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