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Hello,It is a long time ago that I wrote a blog here at WA.But today I have something to tell you... :-)I don't know if everybody knows what a solo ad is or maybe can use an extra word about it. You can check this page for a very good explanation: the bottom you can find a list with trusted solo vendors, who sell there solo's at a very decent price.)Now, when you say solo ads, you also say mailing list or subscribers. How many subs do you nee
Hello,If there was an award for best plugin of the year, then WP Rollback would have a big chance to go home with this award...But there is no award and so I will pay homage thru this blog! ;-)Apparently, the plugin existed already 8 months and some fixes are made, but with this plugin you can avoid a lot of problems, work and frustration...When you have updated a theme or a plugin you can easily do a rollback with it, without having to connect to your FTP site and change the folder names and f
January 26, 2016
Hello,Often we hear to use a redirect when a webpage is not reachable anymore or a URL is changed. But I thought it might be handy for a lot of people to list the basics of such a redirect.$First of all: When do you use a Redirect?As default – this is the preferred method for every page redirection.(You can also use canonical URL’s but the 301 redirect is the preferred method.)For pages that are permanently moved or replaced.Domains that are permanently moved (acquisitions, rebrandi
January 19, 2016
Hello,That's not true, I was not first... :-)But I just checked the Top 10 page and I really liked what I saw: a lot of people that are using cartoons as profile pictures... :-)It is good that people don't take theirself too seriously, that is just my opinion of course...And there is definitely one guy here in WA with multiple personalities... ;-)Have fun!Grtz,Bert
Hello,I learned a not so amusing thing today...Apperantly when somebody does the first month upgrade to premium membership for $19 and he or she decides after that she/he does not want to continue with the premium membership, well, then she/he cannot return to their old Free membership...I did not realize this and I always tell people don't have nothing to loose with doing the first month membership.But turns out: They really have something to loose!!!I was really surprised by this and I wonder
Hello,Just a small little blog, but maybe very handy for some of you...I have several mail addresses and I try to maintain them in the mailbox: Gmail.Still have a lot of configuration to do before it will be perfect, but the next tip was one I thought to be very valuable.People who use Gmail with several mail addresses will already have notified that they always have to change the sender address when they do not want to use the gmail address as sender address.This is by default the setting Gmai
Hello,It is not easy to tell this for me, but after some thinking (+ advice) I think I have to share this...Yesterday at a 6PM local time a friend, the father of my godchild died due to a train accident.A stupid, dumb accident!He left the pub across the train station too late (probably playing some kind of slot machine) and because they left on family weekend he needed to catch the train at 6PM.He crossed the railways behind or in front of a train that did not move and on the last railway there
Hello,Soon it is Christmas and New Year, a top period for every shop and commercial activity I guess...So, why not the affiliate marketing sector or the internet market in general?I would like to do something with my website for the end of the year, but I don't know what exactly. And especially I don't know what works...Maybe there are some general rules to approach such a period?As you can see above, there is a complete Christmas theme available at ThemeForrest.But that is a little bit over th
Hello,This time, I would like to inform about something that is called "an anchor link."What is an anchor link?An anchor link is a link to another page or post and to a specific place on that page, let's say half way the page for example. This can be very useful when you refer to a specific piece of information on that page.How do you create such an Anchor Link?Wel,l you have to do 2 steps for this, the first step starts is to determine which part of which page you want to link to.You go to you
December 10, 2015
Hello WA,I really have to say something, probably not so pleasant for some of you...A lot of people started with a Scam review site in the beginning of their WA career... Which is, of course, very good.Now, I surfed the last 2 weeks to inform myself in some matter and when you surf on the internet and you check things that have something to do with websites, well, there is more than 50% chance that the first website you see is a Scam website of a WA member...(Which is great: SEO is working well