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Last Update: Nov 21, 2016


Hi guys,

As you may have noticed, I haven't been around a lot on WA lately and I am apologizing to all my WA friends for this.

But the reason why, is a happy one!:)

I have been busy as hell with my websites and my business is really starting to grow strong lately.

I have created 3 more websites and I am starting to get results with everything I learned here at WA over the last 15 months.

But...unfortunately it is still not enough to make a living out of it...

So I have been searching for other ways to make money until I reach my financial freedom.

It has been quite a stressful period for me because I really needed to make some descent money if I wanted to be able to focus on my online business.

So I did a mistake...I went looking for a 'real' job!

A mistake? Yes, you hear me well, a huge mistake!

As some of you may know, I have been working for years as a customer agent and I promised myself never to go back to a call center job, ever again!

Having few other experiences, I had no other choice than to search for something similar. Also, I am living in Barcelona and call centers pay much better ( but still very badly) than Spanish companies.

So I started looking for a job, something that I could do while keep on working on my online business.

I have spent 2 months searching for a job, applying, going to interviews,...and I just fell terrible!!!

I found a job but I was depressed after only 1 day...

I was back to being a frustrated, badly paid employee. Having to ask my boss if I could use the bathroom and being sanctioned if I exceeded the 5 min authorized. Being treated as a number by my employers and being generally unsatisfied and depressed!

I just couldn't handle this another time and I quit!!!

I knew that this was really NOT what I wanted anymore and that I had to focus a 100% on making money online or I would be unhappy forever!

I knew there was another way to make money and I had to find a way to make money fast, even if that meant doing something I don't like but at least being able to it from home.

That's when I realized it was possible to use my skills to make money from home.

Thanks to WA, I have learned about websites like UpWork and Fiverr to look for freelancers ... but what if I used my experience and skills to work as a freelancer myself ?

There had to be a way to use my skills and experience to work from home !

I created a profile on UpWork and to make sure I would find a job, I applied as a Customer Service Agent because that's that what I am good at.

I took a few tests and started to look for companies that are looking for people with my profile.

The first couple of days, my profile didn't really get a lot of interest and my applications left without an answer.

Until last week!

I was contacted by a French StartUp that was looking for someone with good call center experience to make outbound calls to people that applied for a complementary job to sell perfumes.

And the good news, is that this would be a recurring job, as they are looking to hire at least 2000 people!

To make a long story short, I started the next day and I signed a contract to work 3 to 4 hours a day, every day!

The job is really easy and even if this is not my dream job, I don't have a boss to control every move I make and I can do this from the comfort of my own home:)

This leaves me plenty of time to work on my websites!

And the better news, is that since I have started I have been contacted by other companies to work on similar projects!

What is UpWork ?

UpWork is an online marketplace between companies, freelancers or startups and (other) freelancers.

This is no affiliate link;)

To make it simple, everything that can be done by a computer, can be done by UpWork.

Freelancers can apply for a wide range of projects, from big ongoing projects to smaller one-off tasks.

Companies can find the right freelancers to perform those tasks.

As a freelancer you can choose a job through different categories and sub categories and find your ideal job by putting your preferences:

  • Categories: ex. Writing, translations, admin support, customer service, web development, sales and marketing,...
  • Subcategories: ex. English to French Translation, English IT support,...
  • Job Type: Paid hourly or fixed
  • Experience level: Experienced, intermediate or beginner
  • Client history: Hires or no hires
  • Budget fixed by the client
  • Location: Sometimes you can't apply for companies in a different time zone
  • Project length: form 1 hour, 1 week, 1 month,.. or not specified
  • Hours a week: Part time, full time or not specified

Once you found your perfect fit, you submit a proposal.*

Sometimes you will be asked to take a small test or show some samples of previous jobs you accomplished.

*UpWork charges a small fee when you found a job, which is totally normal since you found a job through the website.

Some tips to get your first job on UpWork

When you start out, the most difficult thing will be to find your first job.

Companies tend to go for people who have already built up their profile and that have good reviews.

But not always...

Some companies are looking for people with the lowest rates because they don't want to pay higher rates of more experienced people.

So my tips are :

  1. Create the most attractive and complete profile possible : Think about your skills and previous experiences and don't hesitate to add anything that's relevant. ( For example, what you have learned at WA and your website). And ofc, don't lie !

  1. Start with proposing a low rate : The mistake I made was to put my rates too high in the beginning. When you haven't built your profile yet, it's better to start lower and increase your rates once have accomplished tasks and built up your profile.

  1. Search for jobs with a fixed price and entry level experience : These jobs usually don't pay a lot but they help you build your profile and so you will increase your chances to find another, better job.

  1. Don't use templates for your proposals and motivation letter : Try to show your interest by making your motivation letter personal ( using the persons name) and relevant to the exact offer.

  1. Read the offer carefully : Some companies write recomandations in small letters to make sure that people have really read the proposal completely. They will ask you to copy to a word or phrase in your proposal and if you don't, they will trow your proposal right away without even reading it!

  1. Apply only for offers that are in your competences : The last thing you want is getting a bad feedback because you haven't completed the task like asked or because your realized that you didn't have enough experience to do so.

So when are you starting?!

I hope my story can help some of you out that are still struggling in finding ways to make money online.

You see that the internet is a sea of opportunities if you know where to look :)

Why don't you start using your skills and make money online right now?!

Because isn't that why we are here in the first place?

Please don't hesitate to comment and ask me any questions if you are interested in starting as a freelancer on UpWork!

And hit the like button if you liked my post!



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Recent Comments


Fantastic, and thanks.

Love this and a great share!

Thanks Paul!
Have a great day :)

You too

Hi Angelique, Your information is wonderful. I will look into it. Thank you for sharing. All the best.

Thanks Ann :)
All the best to you too!

OMG thank you, Angelique, for that information. I would love to be able to work from home and not waitress anymore. But I am a single mom and have to support my beautiful college bound daughter. So, if I can make some extra money online that would be awesome. THANK-YOU,once again. And, best of luck to you in each and every endeavor.

You can definitely make some extra money with UpWork,Carol
All the best to you too and don't hesitate to ask me if you have questions :)

Yes, I don't know where to apply or how if I want to apply as a freelancer, how do I do that? I keep getting lost. Thanks for any assistance......Carol

Hi Carol,

You can start here

Click on the get started button and you will be taken to the dashboard.
I suggest you start by creating your profile. Have a look at other profiles to get an idea of how to create the best profile.

To look for a job, click on 'find work' and use the categories and preferences like explained in my post.

Let me know if you need more help :)

Goos luck!

Thanks for your help :)

You are welcome :)

Very interesting and helpful information, thank you!
Going back to a 9-5 job is really bad, I had the same feelings as you when I did it years ago... But sometimes the system forces us to do so, and I would prefer to do it your way... I will have a look at Upwork!
Well done!

Hi Gerlinde,
You can start by looking for a complementary job on UpWork first to make some extra money and build up your profile until you won't need to go to your 9 to 5 job anymore ;)

So, with a complementary job you mean a kind of paid internship, or a job with no benefits, right?
It's a good idea in order to get some experience...

No, it's a freelance job that you can do outside your working hours.
You get paid for it like a normal job but you have a freelance status.
Not sure how they call in English but in Belgium we call this a complementary job when you have an employee status and you complement your revenue with some freelance work at the same.

I see! Of course, UpWork is a freelance platform... I thought in the wrong direction...
Thanks for this information! It helped me a lot...

Cheers, Gerlinde

I've been pondering over giving this a try for a while but until recently I was using a really old computer with a keyboard with all the letters worn away. But I've upgraded my system now and seriously considering giving this a go. My only problem is overcoming my own self doubts and lack of confidence that I have it in me!

Let me know if you need any help Jay :)

Will do Aunt Jude, thanks for the offer ;)

Believe me, I was not confident at all when I started Jay ;)
Getting out of your comfort zone will be hard at first but the reward in the end is priceless!
Don't hesitate to ask if you have questions. I am quite new to Upwork but I'd be happy to help you out.

Great post Angelique! I am going to check out Upwork and see if I can make some money while getting my websites going.. Thanks!

You should definitely have a look, Keith.
Great way to have an income before you start making enough money with your website

I'm a freelance writer on Upwork with over 175 completed jobs and I agree, it's better to begin at a lower rate and then gradually increase when you get some 5 star feedback :)

Hey Jude,

Right! I think I knew that already but I didn't know if was on UpWork :)
175 jobs is quite impressive! You must have built a strong profile.
How long did it take you to get a steady income stream from it?

I just cannot stop laughing, and loud as well. The reality of online job is really distorted, we don't have enough patient, the same patient that we used to build our employers' business up. I am happy that your 'go-back to work' experience is positive enough for you to abandon the idea of going back as an employee, and look at what happened. Really happy for you my dear.

Your laughing is contagious Elijah, even from behind a screen :)
One thing is sure I will NEVER go back as an employee! There are so many opportunities online! :)

Thank you for sharing Angelique .. it is great information. Cheers, William.

Glad you like it William :)

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