Beware of FAKE Google Offer Floating Around

Last Update: September 08, 2017

There is an offer floating around online with GCloud Drive in the URL.

The sales page displays Google logos and other information from Google.

It is an offer for unlimited Google Cloud Storage for $40.

I had an extensive chat with Google Drive Support this morning.

This is what the rep told me:

The Drive accounts created are valid Google Drive accounts.

The offer is NOT from Google - they only offer unlimited storage via GSuite.

The rep has passed the page on up to the appropriate department.

What these people have most likely done is open a GSuite account, and are just charging people and adding them to their GSuite account.

Even though it does give you a valid Google Drive account with unlimited storage, I would be wary giving them your payment info.

Who knows what they will do with it later on.

Be safe!

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NWTDennis Premium
Seems like the world of digital crooks and cyber hackers is growing. You'd think that Google engineers would be on top of this.

Thanks for the heads up.
AngelaHall Premium
If they weren't - they are now :)
MarionBlack Premium
Good catch Angela.
AngelaHall Premium
Thanks Marion :)
MKearns Premium
There was a dummy account opened in WA for spamming 2 days ago that Kyle had to shut down. Some times it makes you want to junk the computer, go into the wilderness and send by smoke signal but someone would find a way to snuff out the smoke and change the signal there as well! Crazy!
AngelaHall Premium
hahahaha too funny. You're right. It gets frustrating but if it weren't for the internet I would not have the life I do. I love working from home and all the freedom it gives me :)
shashe Premium
Thank you so much for the warning, Angela.
AngelaHall Premium
my pleasure :)
Loes Premium
Thanks for keeping us safe Angela:)
AngelaHall Premium
that's what we're here for right? to help each other :)