4Terrible Flaws Found in Campaigns

Last Update: July 10, 2016

Mistakes are something that we all make in life whether consciously or unconsciously. Sometime they are referred to as “learning curves” and I have found this to be quite true, that we can and do learn from our mistakes.

Therefore I would like to prepare you for some mistakes that you and I can possibly make as we attempt to build our online business. My research even convicted me of at least one of the mistakes that I am going to mention while setting up a campaign. So if we can bring ourselves to learn from our own mistakes as well as other’s mistakes, we will find ourselves growing in leaps and bounds.

By now most of us should have at least one campaign in existence by now or we are at the stage of pondering one to release in the very near future. Campaigns I have found help us to grow and develop in many ways. In fact so many I cannot address that at this time. But sometime in our effort to establish a campaign we make mistakes there and that is what I wish for you to concentrate on at this time. If you have not built a campaign then please keep this in mind as you prepare.

  • The first mistake we make is to target the wrong key words. It is imperative and quite important to use the proper key words for your campaign to be successful. Therefore I advised you to do your homework to discover your correct keywords and each campaign will call for you to repeat this same research and homework.
  • Another that I have seen plenty of times is improper content. We certainly use ‘content” but most of the time, the content we use is not at all helpful content. Please stop rushing just to say “I have a blog or a website” and it get no traffic and do not rank in the major search engines. You are defeating your purpose. I am sure you would much rather promote your brand and make money then to show worthless content, therefore I would suggest reading over again and possibly again.
  • A Bigger mistake is not having what is “call to action”. I am going to try to place at least 3 t0 4 call to action. Sometime a visitor just need a little guidance or push to go to the next step if your website or blog is written in search a manner. i.e.” join here”, “read more” “by here” are all call to action and naturally there are plenty of more.
  • Please never work on more campaigns then you are capable of handling. Your abilities and your ability alone will determine how many that may be. However to begin with, I suggest starting with one as a test campaign and you can spoil your brand before building up your brand if you are not careful. This without asking is not your purpose. Therefore become a turtle J and be slow but finished your campaign with good taste which will also help your brand.
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JudeP Premium
Thanks for sharing :)
jvranjes Premium
Not sure about the meaning of the word 'campaigns'. Images given do not help. Can you say more?
Defiant6 Premium
Excellent advice as I've been really thinking lately if my content on my website is even relevant or helpful to anyone.
terrycarroll Premium
Good advice Robert. Customer liaison/confidence is the key
Loubelle Premium
Thank you for the encouragement regards