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Mistakes are something that we all make in life whether consciously or unconsciously. Sometime they are referred to as “learning curves” and I have found this to be quite true, that we can and do learn from our mistakes.Therefore I would like to prepare you for some mistakes that you and I can possibly make as we attempt to build our online business. My research even convicted me of at least one of the mistakes that I am going to mention while setting up a campaign. So if we can bri
There were a time when the oldies made serious attempts to rank on the search engines. Google was pursued drastically so that we could rank on the first page and hopefully become number one in that search. Albeit, that is certainly important but I think that so much effort is spent in this area we forget all other component in order to achieve our goal.Never forget one of the most important component there is which Content. There is a reason for good content. Starting with you becoming trustwor
January 24, 2016
Hello to the entire community! I thought it was a waste of time to write this post with the number that I have written..However I see a great need as I continue to get these “welcome” commentary along with “premium” comments as well. I would like to thank all of you all for those comments as it really is indicative of your reading and following the community lead. Keep up the good work!However I made a similar mistakes some 2 years or more so I would caution you to do wh
With each passing day, I have a tendency to do self-evaluation, some intense introspection as to see if I am using my time wisely and being productive. To the young this is really far beyond their comprehension just as it was with me. I want include anyone else because I like to stay out trouble. But as the great wise man said; “When the evil days come”, Life really make you think. Every minute seem to be that much more precious when your body suffer from pain and agony and You have
September 18, 2015
I found this information as I have been working and studying hard in the back but has not abandoned by dear friends at Wealthy Affiliate hope in work for someone as it has with myselfAs a marketer, you may feel like you’re riding a two-headed dragon by managing social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Why add another fire-breathing head like Instagram into the mix? Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all present their own unique challenges, but here’s why you should implement Instagr
This really is not at all a rhetorical question but I am in search for answers as well as responses from those who have or have not reap success by using this method as one of their streams of income. As a newbie 20 months ago, just the name “Google” gave me hope and I therefore proceeded to qualify my website for Google to place ads on my site.Any member who has met the criteria to be counted among the number who participates in Google AdSense will tell you it is not at all a breeze. I just
On yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of reading a very short and simple blog which had great and strong connotations? Although I make a strong attempt to read most blogs and usually come out upon finishing with a wealth full of ideas and information.But if you all would allow me to me honest for just a second, this blog written by one of our ambassadors here at Wealthy Affiliate blew my mind. Then again it wasn't so much the blog as what the writer suggested in the blog.This only brings abou
Being here at Wealthy Affiliate Community for almost 20 months pose a tremendous challenge for me. As I want to continue growing and striving in search of success. There are a countless number of possibilities when I examine my current growth.Some of the questions which comes to mind are; should I reach out to other communities, should I add other communities to this one and keep it moving, should I back track at random by determining my struggles, or how can I get better and become the professi
Just wanted to remind everyone here at Wealthy Affiliate community that there is nothing new under the sun says the great wise man: Solomon” in his proverbs.Most time that which you see either you have seen it before or you will see it again if you live long enough. There is no way that everybody will see all thing alike. This brings about divorces even with married couple, run away children and disassociating from someone you may meet.Have anyone ever thought what the world would be like if e
July 03, 2015
I cannot ever get over some of the ideas that Kyle and Carson develop here at Wealthy Affiliate. This last one which I also wrote a blog on is a “beast”. At lease based on what it is designed to do for its members.Ranking in Google is a big thing because it gives you so much leverage over your competitors and those with the same niche. SEO is something every internet marketing or website owner should take much interest in your progress and your current status.With that in mind, I have only o