Ranking on FIRST Page in Google Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: January 28, 2018

Hey guys!

Hope everything is going super productive with all of you bloggers and entrepreneurs out there!

I'm writing today to share my success ...

I've been blogging part-time for 7 months now, and have almost passed all the WA training (I know I'm so slow!!)

So, I wrote a blog post about best figure drawing books on my second month of blogging and it was ranked on like page 13 lol no surprise here!

However, lately my Google Console has been showing 5-10 clicks a day under that keyword, and when I checked Jaaxy Rankings I was surprised to see that I'm on PAGE 1 on Google and ON THE FIRST SPOT!!!! OMGGGGGGG sooooo much excitement!!!!!!

Also ranking on Bing and Yahoo on page 1 spot 8. Still awesome right??

Here is the prof!

Also Concept Art website is super awesome art blog in my niche that gets around 500 thousand visitors a month (while I just barely broke 500 visitors) So for me being ahead of them on this page means the world!!!!

Anyway, I'm sure if I passed all the training and was writing a bit more than I am - I would reach this success way faster!

Moral of the story : don't put aside WA training and implement all the skills they teach you through these courses!

Good luck to you all!

Hope I will have some more awesome news to share soon :)

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Witachai1 Premium
anespresso Premium
Thanks :)
GoranBockman Premium
Huge Congratulations! Gives us all hopes that one of these days we'll be next!
anespresso Premium
I'm sure if anyone implements all the strategies here at WA they will be able to do this!
I'm no special :)
And thank you!
SuzaMarie Premium
Congrats! Keep up the great work! Consistency is key!
anespresso Premium
It is! :)
Posting AT LEAST once a week is so important!
Thank you. :)
Hani Premium
Amazing! Well done!
anespresso Premium
Thank you!
hashrea Premium
How did you do it?
anespresso Premium
I just followed every step taught here at WA :)