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* Update: If you would like to see more statistics about every month, I constantly update it on my blog. Cheers!Hey guys!Hope you are doing well :)I just wanted to write a quick post for you guys, and share my statisctics after 1 year of blogging!Before We Get InI love Wealthy Affiliate, its training, constant keep up with the trends in the blogging world and most of all the amazing people that are here - always ready to help out, inspire and support!In order for you to really understand the st
I'm using GetResponse as my email platform, and I needed to configure my DNS settings so the landing page is connected to my website (and therefore the URL is consistent with my brand.)I spent A LOT of time trying to figure it out on my own, and so I just thought I'll put it out there for other people to see - YOU CAN'T CONFIGURE THE CNAME YOURSELF.That's the answer :)You will have to contact WA site support and they will do it for you :)
Hey guys!Hope everything is going super productive with all of you bloggers and entrepreneurs out there!I'm writing today to share my success ...I've been blogging part-time for 7 months now, and have almost passed all the WA training (I know I'm so slow!!)So, I wrote a blog post about best figure drawing books on my second month of blogging and it was ranked on like page 13 lol no surprise here!However, lately my Google Console has been showing 5-10 clicks a day under that keyword, and when I
Hi everyone, my name is Anna and I have been a Wealthy Affiliate for 5 months. I am currently balancing a full-time university studies, part-time job that I hate, family stuff and trying to build a website worth visiting!The knowledge WA website offers is truly insane! And I LOVE being a part of this community!To say I have worked my best since I started - would be a lie. I haven't. I have been busy with all sorts of other life things, and my average amount of posts per month is 5. Not so great
So what is Wealthy Affiliate? What Is the Special Right Now?Why I Hesitated Before?Who am I? Hi everyone! My name is Anna and for the past year I've been trying to find a way to make money online! I am a student in a university and I work 25+ hours a week at a job that doesn't pay well! This job also steals my weekends completely as I work 12-9 on Saturday and Sunday. It's not the worst job out there - but it isn't something I love.. It's something I can't wait to move on from! Monthly income -
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WA Black Friday Sale - is it worth it?Is this program a scam?What are the results?* Go here for the full blog post have been with Wealthy Affiliate for 5 months now on monthly charged Premium membership.The only reason I picked this is because I wanted to see what this website is all about.. And guess what? 5 months later I realize that I'm sticking here for a LONG TIME and not planning to go anywhere! So, for the amount of money I payed for the 5 months I cou
1 month ago I started building a new website in Art niche (my first!!!) So, I have written 9 posts in this past month... And there was no traffic whatsoever (which I'm used to by now) But today I noticed something interesting - 7 people came to visit my site from Facebook page which has 2 likes only (me and my bf of course)... And 1 person got here with ORGANIC TRAFFIC FROM GOOGLE!!! That's so exciting for me! They
Day 5 After creating my website.. Day 2 after publishing my First Blog Post - and I'm Indexed on Google ! Sweet! Let's keep this party going ;)
Lot's of amazing information has been learned !I'm looking forward to more training! Mood - Excited, Motivated and Ready to Rock!
I've seen people brag on how fast they get thousands of followers on Instagram within their first week of creating IG account... Well, how lucky are they?Then of course they promote some amazing system with bots or automation that you have to pay for ! Just a little money for a huge success - who wouldn't do it? ;)Just something you all should know before getting yourself into something you didn't research. If something sounds like it's too good to be true - it probably is! - New Instagram acco