One Year At WA Statistics + How Much $ I Made So Far!

Last Update: Jun 14, 2018

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* Update: If you would like to see more statistics about every month, I constantly update it on my blog. Cheers!

Hey guys!
Hope you are doing well :)

I just wanted to write a quick post for you guys, and share my statisctics after 1 year of blogging!

Before We Get In

I love Wealthy Affiliate, its training, constant keep up with the trends in the blogging world and most of all the amazing people that are here - always ready to help out, inspire and support!

In order for you to really understand the statistics , let me first mention a couple of things:

  • My NICHE is Art. I write for aspiring artist and interview some of them :)
  • I ONLY learned what blogging is through WA
  • My niche is not highly-monetizable, but it's not too big on competition either.
  • I'm an Illustrator and have 1 year left to receive my BA in Illustration Major (that's why I write about art)
  • I have ONLY 61 posts currently, so that's around 1 post/week.

How Much Money Did I Actually Earn?

Well, as I mentioned before it' not that easy to make mone with artists (we are broke all the time to be honest) but I will keep trying with this :)

This month was my HIGHEST EVER - $41.50

For the first 4 months I earned a big $0

And on the 5th month I made $1.82 through Amazon Affiliates - and that was the best feeling ever!!!!

Overall I earned $116.54

Considering I already spend over $2,500 on my blog - it SUCKS!

But considering that I DID MAKE IT - it's damn AWESOME! :)

* Your earning will probably be hire because of my niche choise, also note that I did not promote WA (and they have an awesome affiliate program)

Finally, Statistics

As you can see the first 6 months nothing was going on much!

But then, it took of!!!

And that's definitely AWESOME!

Moral of this story : it will take you 12-18 months before you actually start seeing results - if you write 1 quality post/week.

Want faster results? Write MORE. Promote MORE. Grow your social media account MORE.

That's all for now!

Please let me know if you enjoyed this posts, so I know if I should keep writing them here!

Signing of,

- Anna, founder of YourArtPath.

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Recent Comments


Congratulations. You are correct. Key to success is perseverance.

Thank you for your support! :)

Congrats for keeping on. It will get better.


Thank you Marita!! :)

You are going the right way there Anna!
And you are absolutely right. It takes time, and you will be rewarded for your hard work if you keep at it!

Best of luck to you!

Thank you Denis,
I also have a good feeling about this :))

Great blog post, Anna. That graph looks great!
I wish you continued success!

Thank you so much for your support! :)

I love the honesty in this post! It's great to hear how people are doing, trust me, and it looks like it's building up gradually and thats what you want.

Hi :)
Thanks for checking it out, I'm all about no fluff ;)

Those charts are brilliant looking and this is something that those that achieve great success online come to appreciate.

You were likely working just as hard back in October, 2017 when you were getting 500+ unique visitors per month, as you were this month when you have close to 5,000.

That is 10x growth, and this doesn't mean you are working 10x harder now. What it means is that the time and energy you invested back then and up until this point is cumulatively adding up to a great deal of FORWARD success.

And this is just the start. You have hit your breakthrough moment here Anna, now you want to keep the foot on the pedal and not let up! You have a bright future ahead of you!

Thank you for the support, Kyle!
I really appreciate your constant involvement with the community here at WA :)
And, come to think of it - you are absolutely right! I DO work as hard as before, but the outcome is way more satisfying ;)
I'm looking forward to seeing how this graph will look in 2 years of blogging an more! :))

I am into Art, I have a BTEC qualification in Photography. You have made good progress and you will soon be achieving great results. Keep up the good work.

Thanks so much for your support! :)
Are you blogging about photography?

I am blogging about guinea pig care at the moment, but at some point I will be on photography.

That's awesome!
Can't wait to read that :) and we could collab in the future too, so hit me up!

Absolutely, I will do that.

This is a great story and so humble and honest. Thank you so much for sharing.
Everyone at WA is in a different place personally - some have lots of time, some do not but it's not a competitive race - everyone should go at their own pace.
What's really encouraging is that your income is going up and so is your traffic - and that without promoting WA.
Well done you.

Thank you so much for your feedback!
And I agree, it's not a race...
But, sometimes I forget (at times when I check out my competitors). But don't we all? Don't we all want to move ahead FASTER?
The thing is, if you want to be somewhere further - YOU SHOULD'VE STARTED EARLIER!!
haha :)

I like that - I think I will have to remember that when I'm stuck in traffic trying to get my children to school on time and am getting stressed! Thank you and have a great weekend. Gail

Great post. I'm just under 3 months so far myself. Keep up the posting...get that following of being an authority in your niche...get the trust then get the conversions. Work social media. Join groups for your niche, offer help and advise and when appropriate link to one or more of your articles. The plus side to that is when they read your articles they'll see your others and read those and so on. Hopefully you have a side bar or footer that lists recent posts or popular posts, etc. I've found that engaging social media and answering questions with "I just recently wrote about that here" really works. Also I use the questions posted as inspiration for my next's win/win.

I totally agree with you on this!!
Thanks for all your feedback :)
I wish you luck too, and can't wait to see your progress!

It's been a YEAR already!! OMG! :-p I'll have a look at your site tomorrow if you like and show you some ways you can increase your earnings. You will hit $1,000 per month in no time. :-)

Haha I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!
Oh, and I quit my job 4 months ago to focus on this, so I really NEED to speed up now :))

No worries. I'll get on it tomorrow. :-)

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