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What's cooking?

Today, I just wanted to share a little (or a large, lol) experiment that I've been doing over the last 3 months.

And that is pumping out content. Like CrAzY!

You see, back earlier in the year, Google came out and said that they were fine with writers using AI to write their content - they weren't going to penalize anyone's content if they used AI.

Google would still, however, penalize content IF your content wasn't relevant to the reader, was just a rehash of what everyone else said, and if it really didn't bring any value to the table.

Because of this, back in mid March, I concocted a plan to train someone to use AI, more specifically ChatGPT, to help them be able to write more content than they normally do.

More relevant, engaging, and SEO-optimized content, of course.

I think most would agree that the standard for a writer was one article per day. At least, That's how Jerry Huang's "Hire A Writer Like A Pro" training seemed to put it.

(Yes, how many article a writer can publish is dependent on the word count, what type of articles you're publishing, etc. But I think one a day is a good average).

But I dared to ask the question,What if I could train a writer to write more than just that? What if I could train several to write faster than one article a day with the use of AI?

Training Myself On ChatGPT

Obviously before hiring someone, I had to make sure that it would actually work. If I could use ChatGPT to create a blog post for me -not something that was just fluff, but something that I would be able to use as the main content of my article (where I could fact check,rewrite it better into my experiences and personality, etc).

I stumbled across this blog post, where it details how to use ChatGPT to write content. They showed, how through a series of prompts, you could have ChatGPT help write you content.

However, all that prompting was still too slow for what I was looking for.

And that is where the fun began!

You see, while that blog post above is good in detailing how to create content, it’s not really automating the process.

Everyone loves to come out with something like “Look at my great ChatGPT prompt – It does so much in so little words!”.

One-two liner prompts are great, but if I have 5-6 prompts that I have to run for every post, well that gets pretty tiring, pretty fast.

You’ve got to have a prompt for the outline, a prompt for the intro, main paragraph, conclusion, meta title and description, coming up with a relevant title, maybe even try to add one that adds in internal links.

And then on top of that, for every prompt, you have to edit it to make it fit what specifically your writing.

For example, here is random prompt that I found online:

"I'm looking for a [type of blog post]that will educate my [ideal customer persona]on a specific [topic] and persuade them to take [desired action] on my [website/product]."

That single prompt there has 5 places that I need to edit, just for me to run it. Imagine if you had to do that for 6-7 prompts each time.

That just ain’t how I roll.

Sure, everything above speeds up the process of content creation, but I'm looking for as much automation as I can.

My Mammoth Of A Prompt

For those of you who have seen my prompt (only a very few), you know that it’s a pretty big prompt. One of our recent variations of it sits at over 700 words.

(I don’t play around now, do I…)

I pretty much combined everything I learned into one huge prompt,where all I literally need to do is just give ChatGPT my prompt, and a keyword, and it will spit out the rest.

It creates an outline, gives me a summary of the outline, gives mean introduction, writes each section of the outline it created,writes a specific conclusion based on the free product I’m giving away (so that I can get a reader to join my email list), spits out a few titles for me to choose from, takes everything it wrote, and from that creates a meta description and a meta title from it.

One prompt to do all that (you can see why it’s 700+ words long).

It's not perfect, and there is definitely room for improvement, but it was faster!

Taking On A Stack Of Employees

You've got to go big or go home, right?

After I created this prompt, I whipped up some training in three days (a full 5 day course with video training, resources and quizzes), hired 6 (yes SIX) new people to work for me, and let the fun happen.

I hired 5 writers to knock out the writing portion, and then a Content manager to help with keyword research, keeping the writings in line, as well as making sure everything was flowing smoothly.

I actually asked a question about it here. And, as usual, Partha was able to jump on and provide some insight into what I might wanted to look out for.

My content manager(Peter) and I trained these writers to not just publish 1, or 2, or even 3, but 4 articles per day.

4 articles a day? That’s CrAzY!

I know! It is CrAzY!

from one writer, 4 articles a day = 20 a week, and 80 a month. If you have 5 writers, well, that's 400 articles a month you're producing.

Here the thing though – These articles aren’t just copy/pasted from ChatGPT. These articles aren’t short.

Each article has 5-10 relevant images in it, 5-10 relevant internal links. A unique/relevant CTA at the end. They’re helpful to the reader, and provide as much value as we can and the best experience we can.

I was actually curious in writing this, and so I looked up what our average word count is, and surprisingly, most of the posts are over 2000 words or more.

Pretty impressive, if I do say so myself.

How Is The Content Actually Ranking?

Good question, and I’m glad you asked!

For my sites, I’ve noticed that it takes a good 4-6 months for most any of my content to rank well on Google. Since we haven’t hit the 4 month period yet, I don’t expect to boost my traffic that much quite yet.

However, let’s look at the stats, shall we?

I had the writers publish to two of my sites – two were working on a site we’ll call TN, and the other three were working on a site we’ll call AN.

Here are TN’s stats:

Note that the orange line is the last thirty days of traffic before we started publishing on TN, and the blue line is our traffic from the last 30 days (pretty much June’s traffic). We’ve pretty much doubled our traffic for this site (TN)!

For TN, we’re on track to hit Mediavine’s (an ad management company) 50K minimum session limit here in the next month or two, so that is going to be exciting.

Now for AN’s stats:

While AN didn’t do as good as TN, this is actually good in my eyes –you see, AN’s traffic has been mainly has been coming from one article and the stats above shows it without that one article calculated into the stats. Which means that my site’s traffic as a whole is going up, and I don't have to rely on that one 'pillar' article carrying me

(Side note for those who understand: AN gets around 100K traffic per month. 90+% of that traffic is from that one article. So while there isn't a high increase in traffic above, it's enough to tell me that things are going in the right direction).

I’m not the only one doing this…

There are hundreds of people out there doing similar to what I’m doing. I actually just read yesterday about how Tony was able to publish 200 articles in less than 3 months .

And that is just one example.

I’m sure if I dug around here some more I could find others who have posted what they’ve been able to do, content-wise, with ChatGPT and AI.

Use AI To Your Advantage

So, unless you have a little over $3K to play around with per month, I highly recommend you don’t do what I’ve been doing( i.e. taking on 6+ employees).

However, I do encourage you to use AI when you can.

Word of warning though. Don't use ChatGPT the wrong way.


  • Copy and paste anything AI gives you. That’s just not going to work.
  • Use AI as a lazy man’s approach to trying pump out tons of content
  • Try to use AI to manipulate the search engine results because you’re using it to keyword stuff/write fluff/etc.

Do use AI for what it’s meant to be – Another Tool In your Tool bag

ChatGPT is just another tool. It similar to how here in Wealthy Affiliate you can build a website in less than 30 seconds. ChatGPT should be used to help automate basic tasks, help create initial rough drafts, and streamline your workflow.

Keeping up with the Wealthy Affiliate’s Website builder analogy,I could tell you all that I created 20 websites all in one day. Some of you may be impressed. Others might be a little intrigued. But most of you know that I really didn’t do anything. I just pushed a button and created another website. It’s not going rank well. It’s not going to get any traffic. Google might not even show it in the search results.

It’s the same with using AI.

Don’t think that you can just publish what ChatGPT gives you without fact-checking the work,rewriting it into your personal style, and doing all other proper SEO (images, alt text, internal links, meta description, etc).

I watched some of the recent training here at WA, and I can say that if you’re having a hard time understanding how to use AI responsibly, then check out some of the recent training here.

Jay’s recent training was Fantasti-abulous! If you have Premium+ and haven’t watched it, then I highly encourage you to. What he showed in the video was spot on, and it definitely showed that he had done his research and played extensively with ChatGPT (as Jay always does before his trainings).

Jay shows how you ChatGPT as another tool. Not something that you’re going to copy and paste into your WordPress post, but something that you can use to help you quickly build ideas, outlines,and the first rough draft of your content.

If you don’t have Premium+, then go over here, where Kyle gives you some pretty good insights on how you can use ChatGPT for a whole host of efficient ways to help streamline your business.

While it’s not specifically all around content creation, it is some of the best training I’ve gone through on using AI to your advantage.

That’s it for now!

If enough of you are interested on how I created my massive prompt, then I may create training on how to link prompts together,so that you can easily automate even more of the tasks that you have.

But anyways, hope you enjoyed reading this! Let me know in the comments what you think, and what you’ve been using AI for!


P.S. Just realized that today is exactly a year ago from when I've been supporting myself and my family exclusively from my blogs. Cool beans!

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Hi Andy,

I have seen people do this sort of thing where it's very repetitive. For instance, a website about a certain type of flower, then you can generate 100 posts on 100 different types of flowers.

Where I have stumbled on this is in two areas. Graphics and getting chatgpt to look at the top posts for a keyword. For graphics, you need a person involved, for top posts sometimes it just won't find it.

What this means is you can generate a post in about 5 minutes but then spend about an hour editing, adding graphics adding internal links. That's still pretty good. One person spending 4 hours a weekday could still turn out 100 posts in a month!


Hey Andy, I missed your post, but glad a WAer sent it to me. Great work, well done!

I am strongly against publishing AI-written content but what you suggest is different than what inexperienced/lazy marketers do.

It would be amazing if you could share the training on the prompts with us, I feel slightly frustrated feeling like I'm "behind the times" and that I'm "slow" with content because I do the old-fashioned way.

Would love to try your approach. When do you think you'd be able to create a training for us?

P.S. Jerry's training was also amazing, thanks to that I've hired my first writer back in 2020 who's still with me :)

Hey Zarina,

I have a few AI training ideas. I need to come up with an outline first, and then create them, so it may be a few weeks. But I'll make sure to let everyone know if/when I create some training, haha.

I think everyone feels behind the times and that we're all too slow. Even with the approach I have, I feel like there is always more we're doing. Just do what you can, and build upon it.

If you haven't watched it yet, I would encourage you to check out Jay's recent training. That is an excellent place to get started, and his prompts will point you in the right direction to get started!

Thank you, Andy! I also sent you a PM, but probably you have a bunch of other people messaging you after a post like this lol

Yup, I'm in the process of responding to that PM right now. Well, I was, and then I closed the tab, and lost what I wrote, lol.

Hey Zarina,

You should check Jay's latest training on Prompt Engineering.

It's a great start, and it's great to understand the principles!

Then tailor AI to your needs...

Thank you, Pedro! Will do.

you are welcome ;)

Andy, excellent tips. Thanks for sharing. I plan to put this into practice myself. Of course, AI can never take away your true personality voice. I agree with the idea of not copying and pasting. I agree with using AI as a "tool" to get you started with some ideas. However, it does display some inaccurate data. Always pay heed to what the output does.

Definitely Brenda. You always have to double check ChatGPT - you would (or should) double check your own work, wouldn't you?

Of course, I do that all the time when I'm writing my articles. That is important to me. Just that ChatGPT can't go further than 2021. To use updated information I use Google Bard. I had some interesting conversations with Bard. It's more up-to-date with relevant trends in search engine results.


I totally agree with you on the ChatGPT use as a TOOL. What you get from ChatGPT and the likes, is simply sterile site content. This content is not you, yours, or unique. I can only imagine what your 700-word prompt looks like. My weekend project here is about learning and using prompts. I have created three prompts of about 100 words each for my niche. I originally did not see the value in prompts and wrote about it when I published Google is Dead, Long Live AI. I was content with prompting and refining via individual prompts to get me where I wanted to go. While I still believe that Google is a dinosaur, I have come to enjoy creating and refining prompts to get what I want.

Hey Don,

Definitely, ChatGPT is like sterile site content. You got to massage is, as Kyle likes to say. And I know what you mean that there is an enjoyment when it comes to prompt engineering. It gets a little addictive, to be honest, haha.

Hi Andy,

Great results, thanks so much for sharing. I was shocked to read you have such a long prompt.

On another forum, I was reading one experiment some time back where all of the posts were written solely by AI, and he was tossing hundreds of posts up per day.

He would wait to see which ranked well, and then go into those and tweak them to be more natural and ditch the ones that weren't getting indexed.

Congratulations on your anniversary of supporting yourself from blogging. :)



Yeah, you can do that too, though I prefer to just go in once and be done with it. I feel as though you'll have a better chance if everything is optimized on your site, as opposed to just optimizing the content that is ranking. Don't know for sure, but I guess we'll see in the future as to which sites stick around and which ones Google kills.

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