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I've just received this email from 'Vanessa' at "Origins."

Has anyone received anything similar and what was your experience/take on it?

Is it legit?

And if it is,

1) what would you charge to for someone to have their article put on your website,

2)and for links to be added into other posts?

Obviously, I would need to need to first find out if the articles and links are compatible with my website. And I would not allow them access to my website at all....

The email reads as follows:

"Hi Andrew,

My apologies for bothering you on the

off chance that this isn't something you offer at Healthy Wealthy Happy

And Wise. However, would you be able to give me a price for having an

article placed on your site at Healthy Wealthy Happy And Wise.

We are UK based so the article would be written by one of our writers.

I'm sorry if you have had one of these messages before, I'm simply pursuing up last details to get prices from individuals we have not spoken yet at this point.

It would also be great if you could let me know how much it costs to have a

link inserted into any existing articles on your website.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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In order to ensure

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emails. Such monitoring is for legitimate purposes only and will be

undertaken in accordance with a procedure agreed with employees."

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I've received many emails like this.

And I ignore them all.

To me, right now, the most important thing is to build my brand.

And that brand is me.

So, it is not ideal to have other parties writing articles and adding to my website.

It will weaken brand equity.

This is the first one I have received and I've been here for more than three years now.
I guess it's never too late!

Yes, I agree with you about keeping our websites authentic. Good advice.

Thanks for sharing.

Doesn’t sound like the Queens English to me. The grammar is poor and just the general wording is not something a legitimate company would send out.
As for the ‘confidentiality’ notice that makes it sound as though they would have permission to examine anything they chose if you agree.
Something I would mark as spam.

The poorly written English and the fact that the company name is not obvious were definitely red flags for me.

Thanks for the good advice.

Well spotted.

I, personally, would disregard and delete, Andrew!


Yep, exactly my first response.

However, I'm curious to learn what others have experienced, hence the question.

Have a great day :-)

Hey Andrew,

Hope you're well mate.

I just wrote a blog post about this, LOL. Cheers

I'm very well mate.

Thanks for taking the time to write a post about it.
I'll check it out as I'm sure there will be a lot to learn from it.

Have a great day, mate :-)

Those types of messages come from a bot. As for allowing others to post articles, be careful as I tried around 2 years ago and received nothing but spam vulgar adult-rated content. Thankful they were waiting for me to delete or mark it as spam instead of posting directly on my website.

Ohhh. That sucks!

Thanks for sharing :-)

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