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Hello peeps I am a healthcare professional and passionate about making passive income. My knowledge in affiliate marketing is intermediate as I have done some online





Promoting products with educational blogs?

Promoting products with educational blogs?

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Hello all
I understand as an affiliate marketer we need to typically write reviews of a product in order to promote it. I was wondering if we can write educational blogs and

Great question and great answers

Hey there, Amelia gave you a great answer. In fact, if you follow through the training, you'll see that Kyle encourages both educational posts as well as product reviews. It's up to you whether you're going to create both or just one.

I tend to pull toward reviews because the results in terms of traffic are faster. They are easy to create and rank. The downside of reviews is that a specific product could be hot for some time, bring you tons of short-term traffic and then go cold as it was never important.

On the other hand, how-to guides and other educational posts might be better because most of the topics you can write about are evergreen. The downside of this approach is that you have to invest much more time into creating the content.

Either way, you're going to win because both methods work. Even better, you can combine them (probably the best approach).

Here's a short post I wrote on the topic: I hope this helps, mate.

All the best!

Ivan :)

That's very helpful Ivan.

Happy to help! Keep moving forward :)

I see what you mean. Yes, educational posts are great too. You can write posts such as:
- The Best ... (insert the product name)
- Top 5 ... (insert the product name)
- How to ... with (insert the product name)
- Popular ... (insert the product name)
- My experience with ... (insert the product name)
- Easy ways to (objective) with (insert the product name)
example: Easy Way to Lose Weight with ...

Great, that's good food for thought. I will have to pick the best ones and write about them

Happy writing. 😀✏

Good question...I wonder if you could though, I read lots of review of supplements so ingredients, Vitamin D is a vital area for health as you know , so a great article linked to a short review could work well. Are there some that really stand out? Certainly ingredients brand natural etc, or you could include the link in a very full article with health information. Go for unique will be key to cut through the clutter. You could also do a search on what people are looking for in a vitamin d supplement , Good luck, Phil

Thanks I will try that. However, vitamin D preparations varies and none of them are unique. They all have their benefits and hence its difficult to compare them

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How do I start promoting amazon products?

How do I start promoting amazon products?

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Website Development & Programming

Hello all
This might sound like a stupid question, but I am watching training by several members who are encouraging to start promoting amazon products. So I have decided my

Great question and great answers

Howdy Anand, there is some wonderful device from WA members here, I would take Diane's advice but I would also pay attention to Benson. Success is not easy, you have to get used to failure sometime, this might be your chance to test your waters.


Hi Anand,
All the advice are great, but I will like to focus on your mindset.
Yeah, it’s true that you chances of success having a sale if you apply now is slim looking at it from factual ground, but my advice is that don’t let fear of failure limit you.
There is nothing to lose if you didn’t get any sales and have to reply again.
Time after time, I have said that 99.9% of successful people tried and failed at least 1000 times before getting it right (invention).
Yes, the idea thing is to build you site, enrich it with contents, have traffics flowing in, and start to monetize it which I thing in a way is the downside of the training platform asking you to take action signing up for affiliate links and promote them using your contents that don’t even have traffic other than WA members visiting and commenting on it.

But on the other hand, I think is a great way to test the water, see what is missing, and improve on them while things are very early which can improve you content writing by knowing how to target your audience.

Basically, I see that you’re scared of failure which I say, get used to it now and over it. So that you have great story of success to tell otherwise you will be force to lie to people or they won’t relate to your stories.

Tell me or show me any successful person who didn’t fail at first, I will tell you he or she either inherited wealth, scammed people, or have the favor of God.

All the best.


Thanks benson. That was very motivating. Very good mention about adjusting my mindset as that is the single most thing that can help you succeed. I have made an action plan and am prepared to fail as nothing fails like success. Thanks for your reply

You’re welcome Anand.


The advice from Diane is spot on. I had to unlink products for falling foul of this. I`m surprised the early training does not highlight this more now, as many people have experienced this.

In fact in my own case, I promote a product that its shelf life is limited, impacted by heat. Amazon tend to have slow turnover in some locations. So in my case, losing Amazon actually worked out good for my core products as I now work with niche suppliers who are specialists, rather than a huge online Department Store that Amazon is. They also have a very short time when you can gain a tiny commission I understand. So even if people find your site, I believe they have to buy the same day, or within 24 hours, otherwise you gain no commission. I`m not sure Amazon is a good affiliate program to work with now. If others have had a better experience, and are more up to date, I would love to be corrected.

I might reapply to Amazon, once my website has more authority to cover books in my niche. Unless I can find another online book store. Possibly one who specialises in healthcare or food related books.

I am on the lookout for another reliable and ideally global online book shop, If anybody in this chain can advise I would appreciate it?

Very good advice. But since I have only selected my niche today and don’t have any content yet, I will start putting the content and find other affiliate programs to work with. Once I start seeing visitors I will probably join amazon

Diane is right, but if you don't hit the sales figure it is just a matter of reapplying.

Thanks for your reply. I’ll try and add content 👍🏽

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