A Short Answer Attracted Over One Hundred Unique Users in One Night!

Last Update: May 16, 2019

Last night before I went to bed I answered a question on a forum within my niche.

This morning when I checked Google Analytic, the number shocked me and it's still growing.

This work was pretty simple, I just linked my website in the answer and here was the result.

The first picture was the data from yeaterday, the 2nd is the one I saw this morning.

I have never done that before. Actually, I have been focusing on social media like Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest,etc and I hardly got any traffic.

I think that I finally found the solution, a better place to focus on where my real audiences are.

Hope this will give you an idea. If you stuck somehow, just keep going and keep trying new things. You will have a breakthrough eventually.

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AffMktgRt Premium

Congrats, well deserved.

Thanks for sharing with us here.

I have seen elsewhere that some were using BuzzSumo and SimilarWeb to gauge trends and to generate hot topics to focus on.

AmyHD Premium
This is like the light bulb. I wish it came a little earlier. lol.
Thank you for stopping by.
RAFStuart Premium
Well done very useful information.
AmyHD Premium
Thank you, Stuart.
Tomandjerry Premium
AmyHD Premium
Thank you.
JeffChui Premium
Very good Amy!
You have mastered some new skills, I believe that your persistence will soon have more results.
AmyHD Premium
Thank you Jeff. : )
TDenise Premium
Wow! That's so exciting. Do you think it will increase conversions to another one of your goals?
AmyHD Premium
I hope. : )
I still need to figure out how to do this the right way to prevent my account from being banned.