Twitter named my hometown the RUDEST?

Last Update: August 22, 2012
One of the top stories on our local news here in Buffalo, NY was "Twitter names Buffalo Rudest in the Nation".

Now, I live in the country, south of the city, but the whole area is "Western New York", and we around here call ourselves "Buffalonians"
The number one ranking was based on the usage of the "F" word.
I guess it begs the question:
Are people around here just lacking in basic grammar skills?
I have heard the "F" bomb used to describe things as "awesome", as sad as that is.
Well, you have to be number one in SOMETHING...
However, I have to say, having lived here most of my life, people are good and bad.
You have a mix like every other place.
The weather here is fantastic, all 4 seasons.
You have Lake Erie, Niagara Falls, rolling hills to the Allegany mountains...
Misty meadows and hidden glens...
It's F'ing awesome if you ask me...
Guess I'm part of the problem...

P.S. The pic is my dog Will E, showcasing beautiful "Buffalo" in July :)
Yes, we had drought conditions so the land is brown..but the sky is gorgeous!
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Labman Premium Plus
How Rude. At least the grass is green again over here. Good thing I don't live in "your" part of Western NY.
Amy Farr Premium
Our grass is green again..the pic was from July as stated.
Love this time of year in WNY!
JohnnyMark1 Premium
Hahaha! Good to know you Amy. -John