Celebrating my 1 year at Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: April 12, 2018

April 10, 2017 this was the day and the year I found Wealthy Affiliate.

The same day I went premium.

The day I felt that I found the most warm and friendly community in the virtual world.

The day I was so excited to build a website or websites.

The day I thought that I will be able to have a taste of my first dollar eventually.

The day I thought that will really make a big change or difference in how I'll do in the next days or months or a year after.

The welcoming messages were very inspiring and motivating.

I was excited, happy and motivated to learn and interact with everybody. In fact I did that consistently in the next few days..... and then the momentum was gone.

I decided to cancel but after 2 months I was convinced to resubscribe again with the amazing offer of a discounted subscription every month.

What were my accomplishments? Are there any to mention?

I guess there are a couple to consider... (at least)

I created my website - Health N Wellness Forever which I didn't complete at all and has expired already (not yet sure tho) because I didn't bother to renew it.

My reason is that I have my blog with the same title at Blogspot so I guess there is no use although with my own domain it'll be with more credibility. (Is it? )

Created another website - Make your online presence profitable and have created and written several pages and posts and it looks kinda promising. I just have to produce valuable contents on a consistent basis which I really have to start doing.

Created 2 other websites, one of them I deleted and the other one I am in the process of thinking what direction I would want it to go.

Created another website just recently in Dutch about my local business and still in the process of creating more valuable contents as it is what I love to do.

Created about 27 blogs to date.

Followed 1,253 friends, made 727 followers. Thanks to you all. I appreciate that a lot.

Will connect with more people and hopefully they will follow me back.

Progress at my Certification Program (currently at Course 2) and Affiliate Bootcamp (currently at Phase 2) Wanted to say it's kinda embarrasing but I don't want to sound very negative although it is ... LOL :D

Was chosen to participate at the Super Affiliate Program which I haven't really started yet even if it's already on the 3rd month. I promise to tackle a task or 2 everyday to keep up with it.

My rank at the moment - 355 ... more efforts to help others and I will attain that ambassadorship. :D

Below is my present statistics

As you can see in the diagram the highest clicks (raw, unique and content) recorded were in the month of October 2017. In this month somebody signed up as well but it was a friend who just want to please me unfortunately and never really bothered to see what's inside WA.

The next highest clicks were in the month of March 2018 which was when I shared a lot of my contents as well as Kyle's in the social media but unfortunately again nothing converts.

I was hoping that if just one of them signed up completely and I'll get Kyle's congratulation email, I am sure it'll make me very happy.

Guess it isn't my time yet. But I think it is better to say this to myself....

"You got to work hard Arline and do it consistently and you will reap the result"... since

"What you sow is what you reap" - Galatians 6-7 which is undoubtedly true (in whatever aspect it is applied)

My promise and I have said this before as well.....

Allot at least 1 - 2 hours of my time to my tasks at Wealthy Affiliate and focus on the task at hand until finish.

Because creating a small consistent effort will produce the result I want and likewise will lead me to creating a habit of consistency.

And that will help in making a big difference from where I am now to where I really want to take this endeavor to.

And that is to at least produce 10 referrals (starting small) in the next month.

Hopefully (a whisper to my ear) TAKE ACTION (said aloud and with a firm voice)

To LEARN as much as I can. Follow the lessons. Listen and adapt.

To set that GOAL and to do what it takes to achieve that goal.

I wanted to say I will promise to do this....

But as they say.... "promises are made to be broken"

So I am not promising...

I say... I WILL DO IT and I will hold myself ACCOUNTABLE.


"You did achieve something but it isn't really enough for you to be proud of". Better luck next time... LOL :D

But as always .... some lessons are learned.

Lastly... and I would always say this...

I am very GRATEFUL that I found Wealthy Affiliate.

I am very grateful for the people I've met along the way (even if it's only virtually)

I am very grateful to what I have achieved so far...

And I am very grateful that I still have.....



to LEARN more and to ATTAIN the SUCCESS that many of my co WA members are achieving.

I wish you all a great day and success in everything you do.


Arline :D

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LatriciaT1 Premium
Happy Anniversary. Congratulations.
amexrn Premium
Thanks a lot.. :D
HarveyBrown Premium
Happy anniversary Arline, I think you have come a long way, albeit like the rest of us you also have a long way to go. The positive is that we are all here for you.
amexrn Premium
Thanks a lot Harvey, I know we just have to keep moving forward.
ElaineSmith1 Premium
Congrats Arline!!!

Tried and true

amexrn Premium
Thanks so much Elaine. :)
JerryMcCoy Premium
Congratulations on your first year. Now that you have the basics out of the way it is time for you to soar and have a most prosperous year.
amexrn Premium
Hi Jerry,

Thanks a lot. I hope so ... that'll be really nice "soar high" in 2018.

Arline :)
Steven-A Premium
very encouraging
amexrn Premium
Thanks a lot Steven... I wish I can have that champagne.. LOL :D
Steven-A Premium