6 Month Website Results

Last Update: February 08, 2019

Hello, I have some quick results to share.

My 6 month old website is on Page 3 rankings in google with 60 posts indexed. That puts me around #34 in the search results out of 5,400,000. I have fallen in ranks quite a bit over the last month and then ultimately disappeared from the Google search. This is all due to changing my theme! Who knew it would cause such an upset!?

In Bing, it ranks at the top on the first page but that has only 2,780,000 to rank against since it is a smaller search engine. It has been a good 4 months at the top of the page ranking 1st in Bing.

Yahoo! search is completely powered by Bing as most of us know. You would assume that the SEO is the same, well it does not quite work that way. I am not going into detail here.

I just looked in Yahoo and am 3rd down on the first page. Not sure how to tell the number of rankings in the search results as it does not show up on top. If you know anything about it, please leave me that info in the comments section, thanks.

Some days I feel like I could literally work with my referrals for 24 hrs straight and literally not sleep because I have referrals from all around the globe! Some days I get a slow day and that's when I want to sit back and watch a movie LOL, then I tell myself, nope, now is the time to write a post because on those busy referral days, I may not have time to write a post so I keep a post or two in reserve and also have a few that I work on little by little.

Spreading myself between a few projects at a time is how I like to work. For me, if I know I want to get a post published that day, I just start writing and with no real direction. That is how I get past any writers block or even rid myself of any undue stress in trying to figure out what to write. This works because the post seems to find it is own direction then I search up my SEO to fit my post and edit it and work it in. It may be a bit backwards LOL, but it is what works for me :)

Another reason this works is because we most easily write about what we read and study on a regular basis, and I am a reader so my reading material is all about my website. This means that in my leisure time, my relaxing moments are basically spent improving my brain and increasing my knowledge on the subject I make money from :) kinda like doing research.

So when you read in the training to pick a niche topic that you really love, maybe ask yourself if you can see yourself reading or doing it for fun in your "time off" and if the answer is yes, then by golly, you are lucky to have found something that you can enjoy doing and call it working while having time off, or working while having fun!

Ya see, I had no idea where I was going with this post haha but wanted to share my google rank with everyone. It's not the best but page three is pretty good! Especially when there are 5 million 4 hundred search results for my websites keyword!!! I'm getting there yay! Time to keep plugging away so I can get on page one :)

Just want to add that I have been creating this website at near snail pace LOL, truly, by now, I should have at least 150 posts instead of 60! But that's okay for me. The important thing is consistency and quality posts. My life is calm yet busy and it is all about juggling things in a low stress way so life can be spent full of joyful fulfilling moments.

I will add that I spent today writing a post of just over 3,000 words and published it, YAY! The days that I publish a post, my mind is at ease and I have feelings of pure joy and accomplishment. On those days when I feel blah, I must remind myself that I know how to help myself to feel better :)

Hope you enjoyed my post :) I almost made this topic into training but got scared off LOL, I think I will do a spin off of this and give it a try. It's all about getting started that scares me off a little. It seems intimidating but that drives me more because it is a bit challenging since I have never created training before.

In the event that I do create training on this topic, I will post my link here in hopes to be all the more helpful :)

Thanks for reading :)

Just a quick update, about 2 weeks after this post, I got notified by email from WA about one of my posts ranking first results, first page in all three main search engines! It is still in top position, yay!

After that, I did some digging and found some more of my posts for this website are now ranked on the first page, a couple in the first results as well.

So if you are wondering when your posts willl start ranking, keep it up, it will happen before you know it. This training works so just keep that in mind and keep going okay.

Best wishes to you all :)

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Bizzygal Premium
Wow, impressive! Really enjoyed your post, Amelita, and found it very informative!
Amelita Premium
Thank you Joan for being active in my post. All the support goes far in our WA journey for sure!
SnazzyIT Premium
You are amazing, i can only focus on my first post, and even one is such a big ask - I don't know how you do it, but kudos for doing it :)
Amelita Premium
Thank you, its not as amazing as it sounds lol, I feel I can do a lot better really. This next six months I am going into overdrive for sure! :)
beachwood Premium
These are really good numbers for a site that is six months old! I think you will be pleasantly surprised in another six months.

Amelita Premium
Six months from now, ahh yes, one can imagine.

It is my third website on a domain that I purchased. I have a few others too but those are just for fun with my kids. The possibilities here are endless.

I wish there was more time in the day.
I could literally spend all day having fun doing this!!! :-)

Yay, thank you for your support Chris
SteveCrozza Premium
Your style works for you, stick to it.

Fantastic results, good on you for being on Page 1 anywhere, excellent work.
Amelita Premium
Stephen your words are encouraging, thank you.

Writing has always been a passion of mine and so I write about writing LOL, and also promote WA :)

I appreciate you stopping in to comment and wish you great success!
accad Premium
Congratulations on that level of success.
Amelita Premium
Thanks so much Jimmy.
I hope this can be an inspiring post for others out there working towards their goals.

Its exciting! It gives me that extra pep in my step. I am gaining momentum for sure and it will not be long before my website grows twice as big and profitable :)

All the best to you.
accad Premium
I'm sure you can do it.
Amelita Premium
Thank you for saying that :)
Oummie Premium
Congratulations. Does this website bring you any money? If yes, is it ok to ask how much roughly? I know it's a new website and you're not on page 1, but I was just wondering...