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Part time work from home while camping in the rain...So last night I decided I would get out and go camping. The summer is really just beginning to take off here for us but it has been raining a few days a week. Most rain on record for this time of year! Lucky for me, I get to work part time from home, or while camping in the rain.Camping is a relaxing fun time so why not chillax and get some writing done :)When you know its gonna rain but you do it anywaysSometimes you will run into a rainy da
How long does it take to write 1000 wordsOkay, Let's time it, I start this post at 10:15.Now most of you know that to have a sufficient post, you need to write 1000 words. How long does it take to write 1000 words? We test that here today and talk about some tips to make writing easier. When I first started to write posts on my website, it was a bit intimidating. It is now second nature to me. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, it is the best way to write for a living.So at this point, I have 100 wo
Created a new website, Wait That's 2 Wealthy Affiliate Promo Sites!The reason why I created a new website, wait... TWO websites to promote Wealthy Affiliate may inspire you. My main Wealthy Affiliate promotional website is doing great! I have many first page posts and I will keep creating posts for that. This new website will also be a Wealthy Affiliate promotional website. The thought behind this is that it will push me and challenge me more. "So, there ya have it. I decided to go ahead and pu
How to get traffic with Google, start ranking high in searchWhen you get your site ranking high in Google, what happens? You get traffic, and often, lots of it. Having your site ranking high with Google is a great feeling! So how do you do it? Do you want to know how to get traffic with Google? Of course, it starts with ranking high in the search engines but how do you get there?Earn Google TRUST and get traffic.If you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate, we all know how to get traffic. We all k
This is what it feels like to be on the road to becoming a Super Affiliate!25 Referrals, in less than 25 hours! Hello everyone I would like to share with you my recent success. I hit a personal record for amount of referrals. I got 25 referrals and counting! "JOINING HERE AT WEALTHY AFFILIATE HAS SHOWN ME HOW TO MAKE THIS POSSIBLE. I AM SO LUCKY TO BE HERE!They are all starter referrals and so far, 5 of them have made a profile picture. Hopefully, more will complete the profile process as well
Hello Wealthy Affiliate members. Yay, I got 3 new articles indexed on my Boot Camp website today! :) As a member of the SAC, I am posting this quick update.Been busy and so far, I am almost half-way through the tasks for the month. There will be a ton of room for improvement on my site as well as time for extra involvement here at WA in the next couple weeks. I have been falling short on the community involvement here though now that I feel my head above water, I can relax a little.How are you
Are you GDPR compliant, does your website need this? Hello, this post is for a reference for those of you who need to set up their website to be GDPR compliant. I had no clue what this was when I heard about it and thought I would take a min to share this with you all.This is an important step in having a proper website. What is GDPR It is a way to set up your "cookies" so those on your site can allow or at least be warned that there will be a small trail of bread crumbs leading the way to thos
Super Affilite Challenge, making it to the top "2020"We have all seen the posts lately of the Wealthy Affiliate members sharing the wonderful news of the next step in their training here, the Super Affiliate Challenge. Were you accepted? Did you want to be? Are you just now hearing about this and wonder... "What is the Super Affiliate Challenge?" Do you have what it takes to be a Super Affiliate? Do I? Will any of us SAC members make it to the top by the year 2020?What is the Super Affiliate Ch
What does it take to rank within Wealty Affiliate?Hello Wealthy Affiliate members it has come to my attention lately that some of you are unsure what it takes to rank, or unsure what the rank numbers mean. The closer to #1 rank position(Kyle's rank) does mean something when it comes to experience level. Now when you look at how long someone has been a member, that does not say much for their experience here. Some people have been here for years and do not share the same level of experience as s
January 20, 2019
Hello, I have some quick results to share. My 6 month old website is on Page 3 rankings in google with 60 posts indexed. That puts me around #34 in the search results out of 5,400,000. I have fallen in ranks quite a bit over the last month and then ultimately disappeared from the Google search. This is all due to changing my theme! Who knew it would cause such an upset!?In Bing, it ranks at the top on the first page but that has only 2,780,000 to rank against since it is a smaller search engine