Not another day off

Last Update: May 30, 2017

A daily application of negatives soon adds to a mountain of hindrance. From once that seems just like yesterday, in reality has taken over two months of justifiable "frittering" - wheels spinning , with little to show in way of results. Barely a finger in contact with earlier expectations.

Wife ill, then myself with breathing problems that have extended beyond my personal allowance of down time: reaching feelings of lethargy, "why bother? Another day off."

My "PopEye" stage has been reached. "I caint stands this no more" - Pass the Spinach". Christie has sensed something is happening, probably my reference to her as "Olive Oil" on occasion today.

I am better. I must be. I have tomorrow planned into 5x1 hour work periods. Refined from most important to least important; most urgent to least urgent. Non-negotiable. Still allows a good day to be built around this activity.

Today is still several hours from wasting. I am enjoying the feeling.


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abdul11 Premium
lol nice post
Gerlinde Premium
Hope your wife and you are feeling better.... life is so precious... and our health, too... we have only one!
Take care,
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Hi Larry hope you are in good health , you will be looking forward to getting back into it. All the best.
susanmacneil Premium
You have a great attitude towards life! That is awesome!
DebbieRose Premium
That's the beauty of life....always another day. Let's both make the most of tomorrow. Debbie