As they say "I'm Back"

Last Update: Aug 28, 2017


I'm Back

It might be a mere three months since I was commenting on excessive frittering of time, of time off for medical and other reasons, and general slippage to goals, but it has happened again.

More time off, with little to show for it.

I seem to have a record of declaring myself fit and well on several occasions this year, only to have the floor meet my nose in disagreement. I am sure Mr Murphy has a law to suit each occasion. So if my string of life has become wound up in a tight ball, I have had to unravel it very carefully and nail it down as I go.

At last, at last! I have gotten to feel I belong in this world for two consecutive days on more than a handful of occasions, and my "to do" lists are a little less burdensome. There is hope for me this year yet.

Now to get it all out of my head and onto paper. My goals are the same; my time scale somewhat truncated.

Here's to declaring myself well, very tentatively, yet again. I'm back in the race ~ thankfully it is a self-paced marathon.


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Welcome back Larry.We all know that there is life to live outside of WA, and we all have to prioritize the time that God gives us each and every day.All the best to you.

Welcome back Larry.

Good for you. There is nothing more comfortable than getting "back in the saddle", so to speak!

All the best in your journey.


Great to see you back Larry. It should not be a race but an inward attainment!

Back in the saddle.

So glad that you are back and feeling better!!!!


Welcome back .

Happy to see you posting again, Larry:)

Welcome back.

Congratulations Larry, and WELCOME BACK! :-))

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