Help! I'm being followed! (2 week blog)

Last Update: August 26, 2014

Help! I'm being followed... and I like it.

Week one was crazy. I looked all around, wanting to make absolutely sure this was not another scam. I didn't want to go premium and then find something around the corner and regret my decision. Like many of you, I've seen plenty of scams online. I came to the conclusion that the only thing hampering me was my own ignorance, and I'd found the solution! All the help and information I could ever need was right here. So I went premium.

And then I slowed right down. Why? Several reasons.

1.) I asked some questions, and still can't figure out how to do some glitchy things. Avoiding it is not the persistent attitude I need, but that is an honest statement. I tend to avoid the techie side of things whenever possible.

2.) There was a virtual avalanche of information and things to do, or a waterfall like Niagara, and I froze.

3.) I had to go back and do all those things in my "real" life that didn't get done in week one!

3.) Kyle says a niche is just a group of people. Well guess who is behind all those "follows"? I wanted to be polite and thank people. My rank keeps climbing and I don't even know why! I started reading people's profiles and blogs. Amazing! We are all so different, and we are all over the world, and yet we all have this positive thing in common! I've never been big on spending time on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc., although I signed up. (I am sure that is about to change.) It just never grabbed me like it does so many people. But here ate WA, the starting point is our common ground, the ground we support each other on. After that, I find connections, like dogs or kids or music. I have been spending oodles of time... it must stop!

4.) creative ideas are flowing. I have ideas for blogs, ideas for websites, ideas for blogs for those websites, ideas for things I can sell...

Well, none of those things are going to happen if I don't get back to my lessons and get those websites up and running.

It turns out that the only shadows lurking around those corners are the Jungian variety: my own distraction, lack of self-discipline, desire to meet and greet, desire to avoid what I think is difficult...

So if you find me lurking around one of those proverbial corners, feel free to remind me to go back to my lessons. And if you get a "like" from me, please know that I mean it, and let it suffice? It isn't you I'm avoiding; it's my Jungian Shadow. Thanks.

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Loes Premium
Could have written it myself:) Alice, spend also to much time engaging and not working on my webste, allthough I have the dicipline to make at least one improvement a day on it, greetings Loes
jonw Premium
Cool Blog Alice, You'd make a good philosopher I think. Jon
CarlaIves Premium
Many of us wish we could just sit down and plow through with no distractions. Sadly, life isn't quite like that. Take it as it comes. You WILL get there!
cookma54 Premium
Hear you loud and clear, my dear ... many of us face that same challenges! lol M
brubecke Premium
Congrats Alice.
Hope you much success