What I Learned About My Audience Through Youtube


Hi WA Fam!

I recently jumped into yet another niche and starting building a website. If you've been following WA training you probably know that you need to research your niche before jumping into it. You need to know who your audience is and what they want.

Whenever I talk to my fellow marketers I always tell them that they need to describe their perfect customer. The more you know about your target audience the easier it is to create content for them.

Let's put it this way. If you are promoting fishing equipment you will probably target 45-55 year old men and not 18-25 y.o. women. Sure, there are young women who like fishing but they are not many. If you are promoting tickets to a hot electronic music festival, you will target the "under 30" crowd. Not that there aren't any 70 y.o. people at Tomorrowland but there aren't many.

Let's move on to the main point.

I have also decided to use Youtube as one of the marketing platforms for this new niche I am in. I uploaded a few videos and let the views roll in. I honestly thought that I should be targeting 18-30 y.o. men and women because in my head it made sense.

However, after a few weeks I decided to check out the stats for my videos. And by the way, Youtube does a great job providing all kinds of helpful analytics. I was very surprised when I saw who was watching my videos.

Here, take a look:

Pretty much all of my viewers are men. The majority of them are between 25 and 44 years old. Well, there goes my effort trying to reach 20 y.o. ladies...

Now this is where the magic happens.

From now on I'll start making changes to my future videos. A 35 year old dude does not think the same as a 20 y.o. woman. He talks differently, he spends his money on different products and he spends a lot of his time watching Youtube videos just like mine.

When I make more videos, I will put in more effort targeting this guy. Speaking his language, providing the information that he values. After all, he'll be my perfect customer.

I can spend years making videos for the wrong person and keep wondering why no one is interested or I could target the people who love my content.

Piece of advice? Use Youtube for your research. I know this won't apply to every single member here or to every single niche but it sure can be helpful for some of you.

Thoughts? Questions?


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Awesome testimonial and great points here. I learn a lot :)

Thanks for this Alex. I just checked my own video. I too had a specific age range in my head. It helped narrow down the exact person.

That's great to hear Bruce!

Alex any advice on how I can drive more traffic to that video? Ive done the twitter thing, Fb, thing, forums, I haven't built out a site... its in a tough niche..I would write a blog/ or question here but I don't want to do it just for the sake of getting views..

Great question! You need to make sure your video is well optimized.

When you create the actual video, try to make sure it's in HD. Name the file with your keyword phrase.

Make an appealing title and try to have your main keyword in there. Write a good video description. Add relevant tags (I usually add at least 10). Create a custom enticing thumbnail. Add it to a relevant playlist. Create closed-captions for the video as well, this way YouTube will know what your video is about.

Share it not only on your FB page but also in relevant groups. One of the videos I shared in a niche FB group recently got over 1,000 views in 1 day.

And remember, the more real views you get at the beginning, the higher chance you have of ranking that video on Youtube. Once it shows up in the top results for your main keyword phrase - you'll keep on getting views.

So you wouldn't recommend buying views?

Very good advice, I will use that in my niche.

I wish you much success.

Leon B,

Same to you Leon :)

Hey Alex

Thanks learned something from your blog.you mentioned to Kirill that you can get people to click certain parts of your video.Do you need a special software for that?


Hi Roopesh.

You don't need a special software. Youtube allows you to add clickable links directly through youtube, as long as you connect your site to your YT channel.


Thank you very much.Much appreciated.

No problem Roopesh ;)

Thank you, Alex. Just a curiosity- can you speak the language of 20-year-old ladies as well as 35-year-old dudes?
Another thing- this Youtube posts are your blog posts or you just promoting it there?
Thanks again. Kirill.

Hey Kirill ;)

Most of my friends are in the 30-40 range and most of my girlfriend's friends are closer to 20-25 so I get a lot of different perspectives on things. It's not just about the language though, it's also about images, music in the video, describing value points and so on ;)

Blog has its own posts. However when I create videos I turn them into blog posts as well. And of course I do have clickable links to my blog within the video itself and in the video description.

Thank you, Alex.

Pleasure ;)

I recently started a Youtube channel a few weeks ago and I have three videos on it and one subscriber. It's my intention to make videos that are helpful to someone just starting out on the subject of building their own website. I agree with you on the great analytics that Youtube provides, and right now I'm monitoring the information to see what changes I need to make as I produce more videos.
Have a good week Alex.

Hey Tomas.

Growing a YT channel is similar to growing a blog... add more content consistently and you'll start building a fan base ;)


Ok This is what I call a real scientific businessman thinking. Great I love it :)

Best Regrads, Jeff

Thanks for checking it out JF ;)

That is a very good idea.

Thanks for checking it out ;)

Thank you for sharing! Great advice!

Happy to hear you liked it Weston!

great advice on using youtube's research. some of the best research money can buy for free. it would be worth people's time to learn to vlog for products on youtube that way you can get a good feel for the audience and age demographics. great job

Thanks Rall.

Video content is gaining more and more popularity so I though I must try it for the new niche. I haven't done any videos for my other niche sites but this one will be different. It's already "paying off" ;)

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