Biggest Win of the week for me

Last Update: February 20, 2017

As many of you already know I've been hosting the Extra Paycheck Podcast since 2015.

It's been an awesome experience since I get to chat with successful entrepreneurs from different industries. Many of them share great stories, tips and strategies.

Well this week I have reached a milestone, episode #100. This means that I have released a new podcast episodes, consistently, every single Monday for the past 100 weeks.

To celebrate this special episode I've decided to reach out to my role model in online business. Some of you might have heard of him, it's Pat Flynn for the Smart Passive Income.

Since I released the episode I've already had friends and fans sending me messages and asking how I got such a big name on my show.

I think the answer is rather simple: don't be scared to reach out to influencers in your industry. Be creative with your approach.

If I had to take one single tip from that interview and share it with the WA community it would be this: Pat claims that whenever he built a niche website, it would take him about 18 months to really start getting traction. I am not saying it took him 18 months to make a first dollar. However, even though the results seemed insignificant and the work put in felt like a waste of time, it always paid off in the long term.

You can find the link to my podcast in my WA profile. You can also simply Google search: Extra Paycheck Podcast and you'll easily find my show.

Thanks for reading folks, I was very excited to share this milestone with you ;)

To the next 100 episodes ;)


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joshua1999 Premium
Congrats Alex!
AlexSol Premium
Thanks Joshua!
NatNiches Premium
Awesome Alex, can't wait to listen to that one :)
AlexSol Premium
Please do Natalie ;)
Leonmbarnes Premium
Congratulations Alex, great to hear about your persistence and success.

Leon B.
AlexSol Premium
Thank You Leon ;)
gbsun Premium
Congratulations Alex! I've seen 3 of your videos so far and they are awesome! I will check these podcasts out. I'm happy for you!
AlexSol Premium
Thank You so much Gina!
I definitely need to do more videos ;)
Robertnaz Premium
Congratulations Alex!
AlexSol Premium
Thank You Robert