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Last Update: August 20, 2015

I have taken a look at a lot of sites made by everyone here on Wealthy Affiliate and I have been very impressed overall.

As far as I can see you are all doing an excellent job following all of the courses provided here by Kyle and the other instructors & it is clearly paying off.

However, I did notice that some people do not have a logo, or have logos that could be better if they were done by a professional graphic designer.

Kyle has a great post that shows you how to create a logo yourself using free online tools:

Creating a logo yourself is a great way to produce a good logo for your site, but oftentimes you cannot create a logo better than professional graphic designers.

I've never tried to hide the fact that I use a professional graphic designer to create the logos for my various sites, however, until now I have not revealed how I have been able to afford such a service.

What price would you guess I payed for my most recent logo?

What If I told you I got this logo designed for only $5

Because that's exactly what I paid for this logo through one of my favorite design websites:


Fiverr is a site where everything only costs $5, which means you can get a professionally designed logo with multiple revisions for less than a cup of Starbucks Coffee!

You may be asking yourself: How can it be that cheap?

Well, the reason the prices are cheap on Fiverr is because most of the designers are from lower economic countries where the american dollar goes a long way. Or they're graphic design students building a resume through quick work they can get a little cash with.

Regardless the situation, the truth of the matter is you can get high quality logos for as little as $5 (everything starts at $5, but there are optional add-ons).

The designer doesn't get the money until you are completely satisfied with the work, which protects you from getting ripped off.

If you don't have a logo yet, or you want to upgrade your existing logo, I highly recommend going to Fiverr first, since there are some amazing graphic designers there willing to do work for cheap!

Take a look at some of the gigs here:

Now, here comes the cool part!

Fiverr allows existing members to send new users a free $5 gig when they sign up.

That means you can get your new blog logo for free!

Due to Wealthy Affiliate Guidelines I cannot post the link on this blog, but send me a PM (Private Message) and I can send you a link to get a free gig!

With a Great Logo and Great Content your blog can certainly go far!

Hope this helps,


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Rich908 Premium
I have used fiverr before for my ebook and was well pleased with the results
Aleric Premium
Glad you have had a good experience as well!
KatieMac Premium
Good post I have used fiverr to do one of mine have not added it yet as I think the image is to big for my header space just need to work it out I agree it is not a lot to pay and does give a more professional look
Aleric Premium
I definitely love the work that a lot of the people on Fiverr do. I would recommend asking the person who did your work to resize it or you could always hire another designer to do something similar in a smaller size.
KatieMac Premium
good idea why did I not think of that... lol thank you have a good day
Aleric Premium
Glad to help!
AnnieB Premium
Thanks for the tip Aleric. I don't have a logo, but I do have a colorful banner as part of my current wordpress theme. My theme is a couple of years old now and I'm thinking of updating to a new one, so I may have to think about getting one for it then. Sometimes they really can make a difference to a website's branding.
Aleric Premium
Glad you like the post! I have definitely found that good branding can increase reader retention since they become familiar with the logo and brand and like the design.
CTisby Premium
Yup! Fiverr is totally legit. I go there first whenever I need anything done graphically. All of you who have technical skills should consider adding Fiverr gigs to your portfolio.
Aleric Premium
Definitely! I like your point that Fiverr gigs can also be a good way to make a little extra money too.