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I have taken a look at a lot of sites made by everyone here on Wealthy Affiliate and I have been very impressed overall.As far as I can see you are all doing an excellent job following all of the courses provided here by Kyle and the other instructors & it is clearly paying off.However, I did notice that some people do not have a logo, or have logos that could be better if they were done by a professional graphic designer.Kyle has a great post that shows you how to create a logo yourself us
Help me welcome my new referral to the Wealthy Affiliate community! - DaveThank you,Aleric
July 06, 2015
I have been reading a lot of posts over the past few weeks and I have come across a common misconception that it seems many new WA members have.That misconception is that 'the determining factor of success online is how much money one's website brings in each month'Too often I have seen people give up or complain just because their businesses do not start to earn large amounts of money right away.However, upon further investigation they are truly succeeding much more than they think.They say tha