Another Cycle Of The Rollercoaster

Last Update: November 05, 2018

Hi WA Community,

Month 15 at WA and I am into what I think I can count as Phase 5 of WA and internet business, which is nothing to do with training stages, but refers to how life throws things in the way of your best laid plans.

My WA experience has been of either full on or full off for several months at a time. From mid July to mid October 18 I was fully focussed on website building and training, especially following the Gogetters training from Bo Tipton, albeit several months behind when he rolled it out. From February to mid July I was doing the bare minimum at my website and struggled to maintain things at a level and not move backwards.

Since mid October there has been no time for WA or my website, so I need to figure out how I can do the minimum needed to maintain my websites and make some training progress.

I´ll need to plan my time and set specific goals for each day of each week so as to optimise every minute that I can find in order to make progress.

I definitely dont feel that I want to give up. I am motivated by the many successful internet marketers who I see on the WA site, and would like to attain their level of achievement.

I just wonder how many more cycles there will be on the rollercoaster!

Have a successful week!


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EandS2018 Premium
Hang in there Alan there is no hurry or push to get done. So do what you can it took us 8 months. Because of work.
lesabre Premium
Hi Alan, unfortunately we all get turns on that roller coaster. Hold in your gut and ride it out. All the best and have a successful week.
HarveyBrown Premium
I am sure several community members will agree with life having a way of side tracking us from our main goal. The main thing Alan is not giving in. Keep working on things until you do find the time to devote to your website, but do not give in.
Memorylaneuk Premium
In any business, the rollercoaster never stops unless you do. The end point will be ever changing and moving forward, and so it should do.
With Grace and Gratitude
Blessedalso2 Premium

I can definitely relate to your dilemma regarding time constraints, the motivation for the training and your sticktoitness!

The journey can be just as important as the destination. Life has shown that slow and easy has won many races (if speed is not a factor).

You already have a plan and that's to create a plan, follow it!

You got this!

All the best,