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Hi Everyone,I hope that your week and the month of June is going well for you all.It is the middle of 2021 already, around halfway through the year and I have been on the WA platform for almost 4 years, so I thought I would just review where I am exactly on my online journey. I need to set some new short term targets for how to make progress on various fronts.Today I am positioned at no 140 within WA, which is surprisingly high since I am not trying to maintain a level in the top 200, so I am g
Around a year ago, or maybe more I embarked on the writing of a book to describe my work experience and what I had learned from my vocation in construction and project management over many years, it is called Project Deliverance.I developed the book and although it took quite a long time to complete it, it has now been published in May 2021.I was pleasantly surprised after the successful launch of the book to discover that it became a best seller in amazon kindle in the UK, USA and Australia wi
I was very pleasantly surprised to find myself back in the top 200 in WA recently. I didn't think that I had done anything much to deserve it.I suppose that I have been active across a number of different sites recently, so the cumulative effect must have helped my ranking.When I consider the amount of time that I spend online, I guess that eventually you start to gain some impetus.For the last year or more, since the lockdown began in the UK, I have been focussing on developing my online busin
My Niche Is The Project Management Of Property Development ProjectsI help property owners to transform their properties from commercial usage, which may be in less demand and converting the use of the building to residential purposes.Are There Customers In This Niche?My potential client is anyone who wishes to develop or transform their building from its current Commercial Usage and Make It Into Residential Usage. This may be because that building owner does not have a tenant in their commercia
What Am I Doing?I have found that during most of 2020, especially since the start of the covid pandemic, I have become more and more overloaded with work. That is not paid work, but just stuff to wade through every dayThere are so many aspects to internet marketing and there are so many distractions, that it is easy to become deflected from your primary goals. Everywhere you see emails and social media messages pitching apparently irresistible offers to you, it really is overwhelming. You reall
Affordable Housing Crisis In The UKThere is an affordable housing crisis in the UK, a small island that has a growing population of around 63 million persons and a finite amount of land available for new development, owing to its relatively small size and density of population, also the need to preserve the countryside and National Parks.The UK needs to produce around 300,000 new dwellings every year in order to meet the market demands of the growing population. Recently the best that has been
2020 - The Year Of The MaskWhen I look back at the year that has gone by and is almost finished, I associate it with the new "Must Wear " Apparel - The Face Mask. The effect of the Covid 19 pandemic has been far reaching to almost every corner of the world, and so many families have been impacted adversely.Many families were directly impacted from the point of view of the health of their family members, even sadly many deaths occurred as a result of the pandemic. Some people were fortunate and
I considered the benefits of upgrading to Premium, and did so over the BFCM weekend. I have gradually increased the number of websites that I operate and manage, during the last three years.When i consider all of the various online systems that I have come across since I started my online journey in 2017, WA is at the top of the list.I will build more of my websites on the WA platform, and to have 50 websites hosted within the annual subscription makes absolute sense financially.Educationally I
November 07, 2020
Hi WAérs,I thought i would just make a new post on the spur of the moment.I have over the last 6 months or so taken a new direction in my business. Well, not exactly a new direction because it is the same thing that i have been doing for years.I decided to just focus on what I do and have done for years as my niche, rather than try to develop new online skills that are harder to acquire, and that of which i dont have so much experience or skill.So now I am building a new email list of pe
October 20, 2020
Hi All you WAers,I hope you are all keeping well and safe.I have not been so busy on WA recently, but have kept in touch with the platform from time to time, while I built up another side to my online business.The reason is that I changed my emphasis of my business away from online marketing to focus on what I have the most experience of.During this year I wrote a book about my project experience which is almost finished and about to be published.The book includes the above image which is of a