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IntroductionI joined WA in August 2017, not being at all familiar with internet marketing at that time. Ever since I joined WA I followed all the training as quickly as I could bearing in mind I have been working at a job full time for most of that period, so not as quickly as I would have liked.During that time WA has been the one consistent platform and source which I have used to improve my knowledge and to develop my blog, although i have become interested in a few other businesses as well
Hey WA Community,I never imagined that, when I started my internet journey more than 2 years ago, that there would be so many miles to walk (metaphorically) and so many new things to learn (really), and so many false starts, diversions, setbacks and disappointments along the way.The one constant thing is the support which I have whilst on my journey from the Wealthy Affiliate training and community. I have at my disposal all the training and the massive database of knowledge within the communit
How Quickly Time Flies In The World Of The InternetI can´t believe that it was two years ago when I started my internet journey. I had just finished a very unsatisfying job in the Middle East. I thought how great it would be to be able to earn money myself from home, without being reliant on an employer, that was the start of the search for the Holy Grail. Affiliate Marketing seems to be the easiest and most suitable way of starting from scratch without big investment, and low risk.What I
Hi Everyone,I am just giving my monthly update on progress and feel as though I now have the basis of a business going forward after 18 months at WA, and overall almost 2 years of internet research, including surfing around picking up shiny objects as well.I have 6 websites in progress, in different stages of development.My main websites is a blog about online marketing software which has become a catchall for reviews and training and general information, with which I am hoping to generate some
Not Enough ContentI was spending time trying to build content on my website, and find that after 16 months working on it, I still only have approximately 73,000 words and 80 articles.It is apparent to me that if i cannot create enough content myself I will have to buy some content from other contributors. This is because, not only do you need to produce the word content, but you need to produce it at a good rate to keep up, and also it must be of good quality too. Like a horse race, you need to
Characters In The Internet JungleI am becoming more familiar with the internet world and its characters, having been wandering about in this jungle for well more than a year now.It has a lot of similarities with a jungle, I think. There are lots of different characters who resemble the wild life you would find in the jungle, all fighting for survival, unless you are at the top of the food chain.There are the large numbers of Newbies, who are like the large herds of Wildebeest or Zebra, and thes
November 12, 2018
I wasn´t planning to write a post today, but i just noticed that although my ranking on WA has slipped recently, owing to me not being as active, my number of followers has crept up slightly, to 1000.Thank you to everyone who has chosen to follow me and be part of my network. I hope that i can give you some benefit at some point in your journey, even if my activity is lower just now.This is an amazing community and an incredible platform for learning. Every day I am thankful that it cross
Hi WA Community,Month 15 at WA and I am into what I think I can count as Phase 5 of WA and internet business, which is nothing to do with training stages, but refers to how life throws things in the way of your best laid plans.My WA experience has been of either full on or full off for several months at a time. From mid July to mid October 18 I was fully focussed on website building and training, especially following the Gogetters training from Bo Tipton, albeit several months behind when he ro
We are into October already, and the last 3 months have flown by. During that time, I have been working full time on upgrading my website, creating new review posts, and generally improving SEO performance following Bo´s Gogetters training and WA training generally. Things are improving but frustratingly slowly. I still need to up my game on Social Media.I remember a year ago this month and I was pursuing an e-commerce shiny object, which didnt work out. It is amazing how much there is t
September 19, 2018
Hi Everyone,I just got a notification from WA that I just squeezed into the top 200!How did that happen? I was trying to just stay outside the top 200! 201 to 400-ish would have been fine.Life is Full Of Surprises!Have a great day, and I hope you get a pleasant surprise too!BestAlan