5 months result of my WA Journey: A Mini-Success :)

Last Update: June 20, 2019

Wow, it's almost 5 months now, since I joined WA.

So, have I got any success?

Have I earned any money so far?

And, the answer to both of above questions are YES and YES :)

But in smaller ways!! Also, I had a lot of time related challenges because of my full time job!!

Now, let me elaborate it a bit.

All throughout these 5 months my regular schedule was:

  1. Writing posts on my website while rolling through the OEC Training. I have taken most of the lectures but implemented only till Module-4 midway!!
  2. 2 hours of dedicated reading of expert's blogs. 1 hour in SiteComment and 1 hour to read my top 10 bloggers' blog. And, taking notes in my journal whatever information I find useful.
  3. 1-2 hour in watching WA webinar recordings regularly.

My biggest block was my JOB. I even declared subconsciously that I'm wasting my time on weekends because I was not able to follow my plan forcefully. I felt too inexperienced to do all this. Now let's talk about my small success.

My Small Success:

I went to visit a Digital Marketing Company in my city. I showed them my website and blog posts. They asked me some Digital Marketing related questions, that are already covered in WA Training and WAbinars :) And, guess what?

They hired me as a Digital Marketing Executive in their Company with a good salary package :)

I am calling this as a small success because:

  1. I was dying to put some serious and forceful efforts in my learning. I am very sure that I'll experience a great learning in this Department of Digital Marketing of my new company, along with my other well-experienced colleagues.
  2. Finally, I got rid of my old job that was 12 hour long soul sucking ultimate torture!!
    8 am to 8 pm, can you believe it!!

Now, I am doing what I love, all because of WA training and WAbinars.

All this WA learning PLUS relevant job experience will be further useful in my online business, that will go side-by-side now, easily.

So, how much did I earn so far?

As I said, I used to be regular in SiteComments for 1 hour every day. I have managed to earn $100 mark.
Now, it is little over hundred dollars. But, my initial target was $100, therefore this income mark matters a lot for me or any newbie.

I know, earning Affiliate Commissions is counted as the TRUE online earning. But Affiliate Commission is my next target and it will be achieved soon!

Thank you all for reading my Small Success Post.


Thank you WA for making me a brand new "Digital Marketing Executive" :)

Very much excited to begin a new journey. A new phase of life.
BTW, let me know whether my story of Small Success makes any sense to you:)



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firstlearn Premium
You are doing well Akshay.

AkshaySaxena Premium
Thanks, Derek.👍
MiaL Premium
Akshay, this sounds like a major achievement to me! Well done to you 😊
AkshaySaxena Premium
Thanks, Melissa. It's indeed a joyful experience.
Just a bit of unconventional success, where you pursue WA training, and land into a job.
And, recruiters count your small experience as well!!
It's funny :)
MelWaller Premium
Thanks for sharing your story and congrats on your new job! I would call that a big Win! Keep moving forward!

To Your Success!

AkshaySaxena Premium
Thanks Mel.
And, the best part is that, they have added my 5 months of online experience as well🙂

Thanks for reading👍
roamy Premium
Well done, it`s the small steps that count keep going
AkshaySaxena Premium
That's true👍
Selenityjade Premium
Congrats on your 5 months at Wealthy Affiliate!
AkshaySaxena Premium