"F" the Competition!

Last Update: December 23, 2018

Today’s post is a result of a conversation I recently had with new WA members @zoesuzette and @ChaimB1 (give them a follow—they’re awesome!), as well as a few others. Like many people just starting out, they expressed some concerns about competition.

So I thought I might share my views on the subject with everyone.

"F" the Competition

That’s right. I used the F word… FORGET. (Ha! See what I did there?)

Seriously, just forget about your competition. Here’s why.

In my experience, there’s a deep dark secret about most competitors. They are straight up lazy. Not lay on the couch lazy, of course, or they would be in business in the first place. But the get away with as little as possible lazy. Here's what I mean...

How to Beat the Pants Off Your Completion

It’s one thing to offer your customers something your competitors don’t, such as a hard-to-find product, for example.

But it’s an entirely different thing to offer them your competitors can’t, and that’s YOU. You have to build relationships. Build trust.

Yes, yes, I hear you saying, “But AJ, I know that already. The question is how do I do it?”

It can be summed up in one simple word, my friend: Hustle. Good old fashion work your tail off.

Here’s a Fantastic Example...

How many websites have you seen that offer a PDF if you give them your email? Practically all of them, right?

Now, I want you to go over to my friend Zed's (@smartketeer) and give him your email address. Go ahead; I'll wait.

Got it? Good.

Notice he gives you not just a one page, single-side PDF with a few generic tips. He gives you entire books—like a half dozen or so—of his best material. And he gives you podcast episodes. And he gives you training videos. And he gives you... well, you get the point.

People like Zed don't have to worry too much about competition, because very few of his competitors are willing to work as hard or give away as much for free.

There's are reason I consider him a mentor. He hustles. He works long hours on little sleep pouring his heart and soul into his customers. He and I share the same work ethic and desire to help others.

Above all, he busts his ass creating a deep relationship with his readers that becomes an impenetrable wall that no competitor can break through.

Here's the Good News

Entrepreneurs like Zed and I simply outwork our competition. And you can do the same. Don't worry about the competition. Besides, if you're hustling, you won't have time to worry in the first place.

Always remember, there is only one you, so the truth is, in reality, you have NO competition.

Keep it awesome.

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PMindra Premium
Hi, AJ,
We will always keep it awesome.
Thank you.

I just googled AJ Trimble. Some things came up.
Not sure what is related to you.

You seem like an authority figure and have made an incredible presence here at Wealthy Affiliate already.

A short post maybe to your liking: I really like your thinking. You recently had a conversation with another member here, Marc. I had to take a stance on the middle. Both sides had much to offer.

What does AJ stand for?
My loved ones call me VJ. It stands for Vijay and was handed down from my great Grandfather.

You are a very special person and I welcome you here. You have much to contribute to our learning.

Wishing you and your loved ones and strangers all the best.

Thank you for being.

smartketeer Premium
Thanks for your kind words Aj!

What can I say ... I agree :)

Now seriously. I agree 101%!

Here are my competition-related mantras:

If you're a true warrior, competition doesn't scare you. It makes you better.

The biggest competition is myself. I am not looking to follow others or pull them down. I'm planning to test my own boundaries.
AJTrimble1 Premium
Amen, brother. Too much time and energy is spent in this world trying to pull others down. I find it much more fun (and rewarding) to help people up. :-)

I have an all-time favorite mantra as well that I think describes our "philosophy"...

Good things may come to those who wait, but only what's left by those who hustle.
smartketeer Premium
Once again, I agree!
JVipperman1 Premium
So true.
Vickic3 Premium
Hi Aj
Zed is amazing and I have learned so much from him
I am thrilled to see all of my websites have pages on 1 on google in 1st position and I am working hard daily to achieve more great results
Go well and great post awesome builder
smartketeer Premium
Thank you my friend!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
HowToBeA Premium
Nice article AJ,

I totally agree with you. When you start putting negative thoughts into your mind the competition starts to win.
Cass51 Premium
That is so true AJ! There is no competition when you give yourself and work hard. Thanks for this blog. Cheers Cass
j52powell Premium
Zed is a true gem!
smartketeer Premium
Thanks Joe!
JWhite5 Premium
Thanks for sharing AJ,I am in total agreement with you my friend!
smartm2018 Premium
Hello! AJ,

Thank you for this article.I read it twice not to miss very important info and for sure I am also worried about competition.

I did what you said and I was blown away! I have no doubt i will benefit from Zed's download.

Once again, thank you for this article.

BTW, I love playing chess!

AJTrimble1 Premium
You got this, my friend.

Seriously, just put it out of your head. You'll have all the time in the world to analyze your competition down the road after you're successful if stuff like that interests you.

In the meantime, just hustle. Put out high-quality content like crazy. Make yourself so damn valuable that your competition would go bankrupt trying to hire enough staff to keep up with you!

Don't fear them... make them fear you :-)
Marley2016 Premium
You have this so right - as long as you can outperform
your competition and that will not take much I am sure
then, in the end, you are always going to WIN :)
Thanks for sharing,
AJTrimble1 Premium
Exactly! By the way, do you know what WIN stands for?

"Whatever Is Necessary"

I don't mean being unethical or shady, of course. What I mean is going to bed late and getting up early.

Writing content on your lunch break instead of playing Angry Birds while you eat.

Dictating into a recorder or your phone to write content as you drive and are stuck in traffic.

Skipping the latest episode of, well ... anything! lol

It means taking 100% responsibility for your life and doing whatever is necessary to make things happen.

This is what I find so attractive about WA. There are so many people here doing just that. It's like being part of one giant Mastermind Group, and it's awesome. :-)
HMProSft Premium
Thanks AJ. Interesting read. And good advise too.