She quit, part 2

Last Update: January 01, 2014



I just saw the "I quit" video and here is part two:

The one thing she said I like was..."Sometimes, you must forcable close one door to allow the another one to open a little easier..."

She is bold for taking a step out. There are OTHER ways to properly quit from a job but she did what SHE WANTED and now has a better opportunity from it. She is still fairly young. I cannot see someone in their late 30s, 40s, and beyond doing this UNLESS they had a job set up already.

My business associate happily announced she is retiring from her day job because her passive income has replaced her surpassed regular income.

It CAN BE DONE! It gives me hope!

Enjoy 2014 MAKE IT GREAT!



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KD6PAO Premium
I like it!
georama Premium
So much fire in WA is surely make their bosses going mad.
judebanks Premium
"Her passive income has replaced her regular income..." - yes, that's the time to fire the boss.

If we have to decide between the job and building an online business, it's a sign that maybe we should keep the job for now. When the time is right, the decision will be a no-brainer. The first priority must be to put bread and butter on the ~Jude
ahen205 Premium
That's the point exactly, Jude. That is the big difference between my business associate and the "I quit" it girl. DITTO!
CrystalDavis Premium
I see that SparkWisdom started her YouTube channel 4 years ago. This just goes to show that patience and persistence pays off. Thanks for the post.,
ahen205 Premium
I NOTICTED that too...but success can come sooner... TONS of patience is the key. A person need multiple streams of income too.
JoeFlow267 Premium
That is indeed an awesome quote about closing one door.

I too have handed in my resignation only there is no employment afterward.

I've come to that place where I'm unhappy at my job. Dread getting out of bed. The only thing on my mind during work is going home. Dis-engaged I no longer strive to give 100%.

Retiring young, retiring rich is my bible. Awesome book.
ahen205 Premium
So True! I am forced to decide to go back to a job or make an online business work. I hear the horror stories to my friends just clock watching for a boss making decisions on their behalf they didn't work. I so NOT WANT to work for time for money! :( surely, there must be an easier way.....but I am forced to decide sooner than I want to.
JoeFlow267 Premium
According to the reading I've done financial freedom is hard tireless work with many ups and downs but when it starts to pay off WILL get EASIER. Job security on the other hand just gets more difficult over time as in retirement your life time savings will only go one way.. down.