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February 22, 2014
Hi WA! I typed in debt, credit in Google and I saw my face, name, and blog on it! I am very excited. I know I need to improve upon the blog. BLOGGING does work! If it is not working for you, change something! I will! The journey continues! KEEP AT IT! ALL THE VERY BEST TO YOU ALL... Sincerely, Andrea$
January 16, 2014
Hi WA! As usual, I was on Facebook just promoting my site and I asked a few people to "like" the webpage. A few did and some didn't which is okay. One guy said I didn't "look" like I was eliminating debt. He sort of laughed and gave the GBU. I said "?" Did you read any of the articles or look at the Facebook page?! Really? Now, I realize everyone will NOT like my picture, but if I looked like that and had $100,000 to give him, I wonder if it would have mattered. Does looks matter? Somet
January 03, 2014
Hi WA Friends! I received a check for $18.39! It was part of a settlement! It is NOT much but it is $18 more than I had before. I am just sharing the good news. You are welcomed to share any good news that has happened to you recently or this week! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Sincerely, Andrea$
January 01, 2014
Hi ALL! I HOPE YOU ARE HAVING A GREAT DAY AND GREAT NEW YEAR! I just saw the "I quit" video and here is part two: The one thing she said I like was..."Sometimes, you must forcable close one door to allow the another one to open a little easier..." She is bold for taking a step out. There are OTHER ways to properly quit from a job but she did what SHE WANTED and now has a better opportunity from it. She is still fairly young. I cannot see someone in
December 29, 2013
I love the holidays! It is a glorious and busy time for me! After six funerals this year, I decided it was NOW or NEVER for my very own business and make some of my dreams happen before I die too. Because of WA, blogging, and WA helping me get out of my comfort zone, Black Girl Long Hair, (BGLH) accepted one of my articles (non WA related). It took them awhile to decide, and I put it on the back burner saying: they forgot, didn't like it, or I lacked talent. December 20, 2013, they printed
December 04, 2013
Hi WA Affiliates: You do not have to pay for the AKISMENT API KEY. . I kept wondering why the website asked me for $36 or whatever amount. You must select PERSONAL All you have to do is scroll the button to the left and it will say $0. When you scroll to $0, you will get a sad face :( Remember, Akismet is free. Follow the directions Obtain the API key Type it in, follow the directions to install Akismet API Key, and that's it more or less. I hope that helped someone! Sincerely Andrea$
Hi WA associates, friends, and family! I DID IT! I said I wouldn't buy a thing non-essential for four days but I DID! I took advantage of the 47% off special Kyle and Carson offered! I was already planning to switching to paying it off vice monthly payments but this is great! It is a great deal! If you haven't done so and if it isn't too late. BUY IT! Buy into, excuse me, invest in your future:) Sincerely, Andrea$
I like WA and all it has to offer. I was hoping we can form more of an alliance with each other on Facebook, Twitter, and I know we need customers, ranking in Google, pay-per-clicks and so on. Perhaps, we can get together in groups of five or ten and "like" and "share" each others: websites, tweets, and post ect.? Let me know what you think. You can add me or connect with me here by: Let's hear from you! twitter: ahen205 Connect wi
November 29, 2013
On Black Friday to Cyber Monday, please join us for our 4 Double DB day. Four days of don’t buy anything non essential. Can you say no financially for four days? If so or no, let me hear from you. Can you say no financially for four days? Join us at Sincerely, Andrea$
Hey guys! I really didn't want to pay for a picture even if it was .75 or use "credits". Maybe I will another day but, I wanted to finish my blog without stopping too much. I was running out of ideas for pictures and thought of "clip art". Try it and let me know if you like it. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Sincerely, Andrea$