My odyssey thus far

Last Update: February 19, 2017

When I began with WA roughly one month ago, I had great expectations of getting right after it and making Kyle and Carson very proud of my efforts and my progress. But,as with so many others who begin a trek with great expectations, there were "bumps" in the road and real dragons behind the trees.

Alas, I did not keep up with my own expectations. A kind of existential angst began to set in -- that is until I received some very good advice and guidance from Neil (we know him as "NeBro"). He really helped me regain my focus and remain committed to my goal.

You see, there is a definitive urgency to my securing a solid and continuous funding stream for my family-- so there is no such thing as "quit" or "put off until tomorrow". But that is not in my DNA anyway.

So I quit feeling sorry for myself that I was not in the Top 300 in the first three weeks! And I got back up on my horse (metaphorically,of course) and started to live those words with which I end all my responses to my brethren in the WA Community -- "Press On!"

I mean, why write it if I don't LIVE it -- the inauthenticity of such a practice would not be something with which I could live.

At any rate, I have just completed Course 2 for certification, have 634 in my network, really love my website, and have a renewed enthusiasm with and for WA.

Oh, there are challenges ahead,of course, but I am convinced now more than ever that even with the daily family load I carry, I am going to succeed!

My wife expects it of me, my children believe it of me, and, most of all, I am not going to let myself down in this monumental,but ultimately rewarding odyssey.

There is just too much riding on it!

And I know that all the help, advice, support, and encouragement one needs to succeed with WA is right here in the strength of the WA Community. I admonish others...Press On!

I know I will...

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WilliamBH Premium
Yes Arthur .. You can do it. I started at WA will high goals in a short period. I still have the high goals and a plan to fulfil on them. But the timeline has changed because part of this process is "time". I think it is really a 1 to 2 year project. Cheers, William.
JMupanguri Premium
Thanks for sharing. Keep pressing foward. Backward never.
MKearns Premium
As one of my staunchest supporters Arthur, I expect it of you also. Indeed press on my friend!
kasage00 Premium
keep moving on!
pparadise Premium
You are on the right path, if you don't give up you will see the light.

AGOgden Premium
...thank you PParadise...and givingup is NOT in me...

Press On!