My 2019 Las Vegas Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate Conference Trip Report!

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Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!

As most of you know, I'm a guy who doesn't like to overhype things. But.... wow! The 2019 Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate Conference just totally blew me away. I sit here, 4 days after the conference ended, and I still am having trouble figuring out how to explain how awesome it was. I mean, it was absolutely incredible.

There's no question that the WA Super Affiliate Conference is hyped up quite a bit. However, Kyle and Carson just go absolutely above and beyond during this incredible event. There's no way I could possibly explain how amazing this was, but I'll do my best to try anyay.

I sorta knew what to expect. I've seen trip reports about this event in prior years, but actually experiencing it in person was just incredible. I've never been treated like such royalty before in my life.

Here's a quick video I made showing some of the highlights of the trip (WARNING: I say a few naughty words.)

Day 1: Landing In Vegas!

The affiliate marketing lifestyle allows me to work from literally anywhere in the world as long as I have an internet connection. For several years, I travelled the united states in a travel trailer and worked from wherever I felt like. After years of traveling, I ended up settling down in San Diego, California. The flight from San Diego to Las Vegas is only about an hour long, so it was a quick and easy trip for me. Here are some pictures of the places I've been...

I landed at about 6:30pm on Monday in Las Vegas. I knew that we had an 8pm meet and greet in Kyle and Carson's top floor loft suite, so I headed down to the secret VIP area and gave them the secret password to be let up onto their floor.

I have to admit, I was a little nervous. I have a bit of social anxiety and meeting so many new people was a nervous experience for me. But let me tell you, after just a few minutes, it was apparent there was nothing to be nervous about.

We all just seemed to mesh right off the bat. Afterall, we all have very similar life goals, interests, and let's face it, meeting other affiliate marketers isn't exactly a common experience. The conversations flowed very easily.

It was so awesome how pretty much right away, we were all friends. It made the rest of the trip so comfortable. It was as if we've been friends for years. Many of the super affiliates have been coming for many years, but even as a newcomer I felt right at home.

Day 2: Conference & An AMAZING Dinner!

Chatting it up on the night I arrived was fun, but once the conference officially started, it went to another level. Kyle and Carson went over the improvements made in 2018 as well as some projects they have in store for 2019 and beyond. Let me tell you, I've never been more excited to be a part of this community. The super affiliates at this conference were given some inside info that I can't quite share yet, but good gracious if you think Wealthy Affiliate is great now, you just wait. I'm talking about industry changing stuff. This is going to be an incredible year for WA.

On the official first day of our conference, one thing became apparent very quickly. Kyle and Carson are truly passionate individuals who want to provide the absolute best product and service they possibly can. We spent a great deal going over different ways Wealthy Affiliate can be improved and we gave them a lot of feedback on projects they are currently working on. They really seemed to take our input very seriously, which was much appreciated. They truly do want to provide the best service possible, and the passion they have was so evident on day one. While this was going on, we of course had catered food delivered to us. Nothing but the best for us!

My Private Meeting With Kyle & Carson!

I was fortunate enough to be the first one to have a private meeting with Kyle and Carson. While they are pretty much always available during our social events, they dedicate 1hr to everyone who attends. That 1hr was about the fastest hour of my life. It felt like 15 minutes. Being able to get feedback from them and pick their brains one-on-one was eipc. As I said at the end of the meeting "I could talk to you guys all day" and that's not an exaggeration in the slightest. Having private time with them was really a special experience.

The Food. Mother Of God, The Food!

That same night, we went to Tom Colicchio's Craftsteak. I can't even tell you guys how awesome this was. The waiter came over and said "all the appetizers and side dishes are taken care of, just order your main dish and you will share everything else."

I ended up ordering perhaps the best filet mignon I've ever had. Even before my steak came out, the wait staff brought out every appetizer you could imagine. It was insane, and I was basically full before my steak even arrived.

That didn't stop me from stuffing my face further. I had a nice glass of wine with a phenomenal steak and they brought out every side dish on the menu that we all were able to share.

But they weren't done yet. Once our main course was over, they just piled the disserts onto the table. Some people stayed out to gamble or have fun in the Vegas nightlife, but I think most of us ended up in a food coma and just laying in our comfy hotel beds. The food that night was out of this world.

Day 3: More Convos And More Incredible Food!

On day 2, we had further discussions about WA. It was really an open and casual conversation where we all contributed and swapped ideas on how to make WA an even better place than it already is. They detailed further enhancements that will be coming to WA over the next few months and what they have in store is just incredible. I'm not at liberty to really disclose what those enhancements are, but wow. WA is about to go to a whole new level, This is going to be a fun year folks.

That night, we had a Japanese themed night. They had literal buckets filled with specialty Japanese beers, along with more food than we could ever eat. Suchi, Japanese steak, horderves that would make you feel like you're actually in Japan... the absolute works.

And of course, what would Vegas be without a little gambling? We were all given $200 to do as we pleased, so several of us decided to head to the craps and roulette tables. I'm not sure if anyone actually ended up ahead, but we all had an amazing time. During our gambling, we also discussed our stories, how we got into affiliate marketing, lessons we've learned, etc. The personal connections I made might be the best thing I came away with on this trip.

Day 4: Free Day And An Epic Party!

Day 4 was awesome. We had a free day during the day, so the prior night I stayed out a bit late gambling and having a few too many adult beverages. I ended up sleeping in, then just taking in the sights and sounds of Vegas until our "farewell party."

This was probably the most fun I had at the entire event. At this point, we were all very comfortable with each other, and we all let loose. We were taken by a private bus from the MGM Grand to the Wynn hotel where we went to a private two story suite that even had a private elevator!

The drinks and food supplied at this party was incredible. Pretty much all the food you could eat and the cocktails were not "well drinks" by any means. I literally had the best Manhattan I've ever had at this party. There was an incredible acoustic guitar player/singer, people shooting pool, but more importantly, we were all exchanging ideas and really networking with each other. Everyone who was there will agree with me that it was an absolute blast. We were all princes and princesses that night, and the connections I made with everyone was the highlight of my trip.

Leaving Las Vegas!

I've been to Las Vegas a few times before, and usually by the third or fourth day, I'm ready to get out. It's a fun place, but it's also really draining for an introvert like me. This trip was different. I was really sad that it was over. I was sad to leave my awesome hotel room, I was sad to leave all the great food and drinks, and I was especially sad to leave the awesome people I met on this trip. But alas, we can't stay in Vegas forever. We've got work to do!

Kyle and Carson did a great job of making me want to get back there next year, and so far things are looking good! I'ver never been more proud and motivated to promote Wealthy Affiliate than I am right now. This is quite the amazing place with amazing people running it. Here's to a phenomenal 2019 and I hope to see you at this incredible event in 2020!!

Viva Las Vegas!

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I knew your version of the event would be pretty awesome! You're a great storyteller so I love reading all of your posts. I asked for this post on your wall this morning, and I didn't think you'd deliver so fast. Glad you had a great time. I'm also convinced that our Owners and Super Affiliates are a great group of people to be around. The "mother of God" part had me laughing! Great video also. Thanks for sharing! Hope to meet you in 2020.

Thank you Tiffany!! It's a really great group to be around and I was a bit sad to say goodbye. Definitely motivated to make it again in 2020. I hope to see you there!!

Let's try out best!

Mike congratulations. Thanks for the update. Hope to see you there soon.

Go WA,

It would be great to meet you in Vegas, David!! Let's do it!! :)

Hey Mike, congratulations man! You deserve it:)

Thanks for the kind words!! :)

"Food coma," lol I may steal that phrase from you.

Thanks for sharing your awesome perspective of what Vegas was like. You are such a great writer that I was sad for you when it was over.

I hadn't planned to focus on the MMO niche, but you all are really tempting me. The experience sounds phenomenal.

Well, I won't lie, the MMO niche is SUPER competitive and really difficult to break into. Everyone at the conference worked really hard to build their business to a point they could be WA super affiliates. However, I think everyone there would agree that it is so worth it. Feel free to reach out anytime if I can be of help!!

Thanks. Now that I've gotten away from the excitement of the Vegas stories a bit, I'm back to realizing that I need to focus on the ONE niche that I have chosen to focus on.

You all have worked exceptionally hard. You deserved that trip.

Take care,

Sounds like an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing Mike.
Can't wait to hear about the new enhancements.

It was really incredible and the upcoming enhancements will blow you away. I was floored by some of the improvements they will be making. Good stuff is coming!

It's amazing to see so many Vegas posts this year. Especially from first-timers! Thanks for creating the video, I love to use those to help myself visualize Vegas experience better 😍 Congrats, Mike!!!

I'm big on visualization, too. And yeah we had a good group of first timers this year. I hope to see you there in 2020!!

Great post and recap! I look forward to hearing about the new things coming down the road! Keep up the great work!
Michael Inman

Thanks Michael! Trust me, the improvements you'll see rolled out this year will really help you grow your business. This is going to be a very exciting year at Wealthy Affiliate!!

so Great Mike, that you shared the Las Vegas event with us.

It really helps to see the #1 Goal of mine ahead, to visualize that, to feel that :)

I can imagine that words can't just describe the real experience.
I have promised my self that in 2020 I will be there with you guys.

Not sure yet how, but I know somehow I'll be there.

cheers man :)

You can absolutely do this, Mike! Keep visualizing, setting goals, and working towards those goals. The Vegas experience in itself makes it worth it. Hope to see you there in 2020!!

Wow, I am so hyped about trying to make this happen in
2019 - I have worked so hard all of my 6 months of 2018
and now realized my mistakes - getting them fixed is going
to take me the rest of February but I can still work super
hard and who knows 2020 is not out of the question right ::))

Thank you so much for sharing with another introvert that
wants to make this trip and meet the people who inspire
me everyday to do and be the best I can be in succeeding
with WA and my own online business,

Let me tell you Susan, there wasn't a single person there who hasn't made mistakes or had to learn things the hard way. If you've made mistakes, you're on the right track! ;)

Really hoping you make it for 2020!!! You got this! :)

Aaawww thank you that is so kind - fixing is going to be a
mess but you know what I have members like you and
Grace and others that I know will help me make it through
this ::))

Absolutely!! I'm following you now so please feel free to reach out anytime if I can help!!

I followed you back, thank you it is an honor when the
more experienced members like you take the time to give
me a follow - and I will thank you so much,

Great write up & great meeting you. I especially feel you on the last point - normally I'm burned out in Vegas after a few days too but this one felt much more painful to leave lol! See ya next year I hope :)

It was so amazing swapping ideas and stories with you. Can't wait till next year!! :)

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