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Last Update: February 10, 2016

Hi all,

As some of you are aware and may have noticed I've been MIA for the last couple of weeks, but was working on a new E-commerce store (, which is starting to take off in a big way. I used a different platform to build the site, but the knowledge & training I've learned from WA & all of you has helped in getting this launched and to the success it has become...

Moral to the story, is never give up on your goals & dreams whatever those might be, because all of your hard work and frustration will come to fruition one day. Hope you've all been well, and I'll try and be a little more active here in the immediate future!

To your Success,


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tmaltz Premium
Nice work. What eCommerce platform did you use if you don't mind the question?
Battersea Premium
Well said. Success to you.
AffJac Premium
Thanks buddy! I added you as well.:)
PjGermain Premium
Outstanding Kevin! Keep it up bro!
CStipe Premium
That's awesome to hear and positively reassuring at the same time. Thanks for posting this. I also added you to my network. :)